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CYCJET UV Series Laser Marking Machine of High-speed Marking the Production Date on Plastic Packaging Bags

CYCJET UV Series Laser Marking Machine of High-speed Marking the Production Date on Plastic Packaging Bags


The thermal effect of the UV laser marking machine on the processed object can be negligible. When the heat affected area is small, there will be no thermal effect, and there will be no deformation or charring of the packaging bag due to the high energy of the laser beam. Therefore, it is mostly used for marking food packaging bags, which has the characteristics of high marking speed, high efficiency, high accuracy, stable performance, perfect marking results, long service period, zero consumables, and simple operation, etc.

After more than ten years of upgrading, the CYCJET UV laser marking machine has fully penetrated the field of food packaging marking, such as marking production date on soy sauce plastic bottle caps, seasoning packaging bags, mineral water bottles, etc., everywhere in life.

CYCJET UV laser marking machine has a wide range of repetition frequency with sterile and zero pollution, which can be better absorbed by the material. Besides, it is less destructive to the material. Especially, the markings are clear and easy to identify, and will not fall off. So, it is very suitable for marking high-density packaging.

At the same time, it has superior beam quality, which is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges. The laser wavelength is 355nm. And it supports digital intelligent power control. High marking speed, simple operation, and low cost can meet the needs of enterprises for rapid mass production.

In terms of production, CYCJET has a rigorous quality management system mechanism, from purchasing to quality inspection control before production, from rigorous assembly process to completed product testing, from warehousing quality inspection to pr-delivery inspection, and then to after-sales service. Level checks are only to ensure stable quality and consistency of equipment parameters with actual operating parameters. This is the reason why the service life of the CYCJET brand laser marking machine is better than that of peers.

In addition, CYCJET has an excellent R&D team with strong technology to ensure that every laser marking machine developed and produced can maintain consistent stable quality and constant beam quality under extreme industrial and scientific research conditions. Efficient power consumption characteristics, with superior cost performance and high reliability, win the trust of customers everywhere.

CYCJET laser marking machine combines marking technology with computer technology. Each laser marking machine has an independent software control system, which can customize personalized logos, such as various texts, product numbers, bar codes, serial numbers, QR code, production date, pattern, logo, and some special signs, etc. Moreover, the marking speed is fast, marking a production date only takes 1-2 seconds, and the process from design drawings to marking can be completed in 2-3 minutes.

From design drawings to production, it can be completed in 2-3 minutes.

Therefore, the food packaging industry uses CYCJET UV laser marking machine for marking and coding has the following advantages:

1. The UV laser marking machine not only can improve the overall brand influence but also can effectively prevent the tampering of food packaging marking information and cross-regional sales.

2. Manufacturers can use laser-marked codes, bar codes, shipping destinations, and other information to set up a linked database system, allowing staff and customers to track and inquire about the latest trends of products in time. The failure of industrial laser equipment during production will also be relatively small.

3. It will greatly improve efficiency, can mark continuously for a long time; and can reduce the production cost, ensure the environmental protection and safety of the whole processing process, and will not produce any harmful chemical substances.

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