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CYCJET Portable Hand-held Inkjet Printer for Plastic Bags and Woven Bags

CYCJET Portable Hand-held Inkjet Printer for Plastic Bags and Woven Bags


CYCJET Portable Hand-held Inkjet Printer for Plastic Bags and Woven Bags

The portable hand-held inkjet printer can be used for marking and inkjet printing of PP, PE, HDPE plastic bags and woven bags of various materials, such as feed woven bags, chemical woven bags, rice woven bags, flour woven bags, corn woven bags, cotton woven bags, building materials woven bags, engineering materials woven bags, etc., as well as the required batch, specification, date, brand, company name Weight and so on.

The portable hand-held inkjet printer is designed in a completely convenient way, which can easily print the required content in the flat plastic bags and woven bags, and can also be carried to the production workshop, warehouse, storage yard, and other places for production and storage.

The speed of the portable hand-held inkjet printer is controlled by hand. In addition to no restrictions on the workplace, it can be used for inkjet printing anytime and anywhere. Its ergonomic design features also make the manual inkjet printing machine efficient and easy, without fatigue!

The core nozzle of the portable hand-held inkjet printer is designed with artificial ruby, which is durable and easy to use; The industrial-grade design of the whole machine can work stably for a long time in the environment with dust in plastic bags and woven bags, and is not affected by dust!

Portable hand-held inkjet printer adopts solenoid valve inkjet structure, uses ketone-based, alcohol-based, or water-based ink, with fast drying speed, and is not easy to block the nozzle. It can print clear, beautiful, and firm contents on woven bags of various materials.

CYCJET is the brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET has more than 15 years of experience for R& D different types of handheld inkjet printing solutions, laser printing solutions, and portable marking solutions, High-Resolution Printing solutions in Shanghai China. Are you looking for a coding and marking system for your products? Contact us and we will jointly search for the solution that best suits your needs.

Contact Person: David Guo

Telephone: +86-21-59970419 ext 8008

MOB:+86-139 1763 1707

Email: sales@cycjet.com



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