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CYCJET Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine/Hand Dot Peen Marking Machine

CYCJET Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine/Hand Dot Peen Marking Machine

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CYCJET Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine/Hand Dot Peen Marking Machine


Product main features:


Automatic programming: marking is rich in content, can play in English, Chinese characters, numbers, graphics, logo etc.

Printing: printing effect is colorless and dent (dot, line 2 marking mode) permanent marker.

The needle system: automatic needle system, can quickly and accurately the marking content moved to the corresponding position.

Fonts: multiple fonts available, and you can edit the new font, with scanning camera.

Analog display: without labeling, direct observation of marked effect on screen, what you see is what you get.

Storage function: automatic collating sequence, marking time, quantity, content, automatic storage for statistics.

Setting: automatic collating sequence, marking time, quantity and content are automatically stored for statistical.

The stability of the system: the system is stable, can work continuously for 24 hours.

Marking requirements: special alloy print needle, mark clear, consistent with the Ministry of Public Security announced vehicle marking requirements.

Small size: marking machine specialized controller, light weight, small volume, easy to carry out.

Magnet: using magnet adsorption methods of marking, easy to use.

A variety of font: font library with multiple fonts available, you can edit the VIN code and other new font.



The main performance parameters of products:


Operating system

Windows CE

Print size

100 x 30mm, 120 x 30mm, 160 x 30mm, 180 x 30mm

Minimum character

1 × 1mm (word size can be changed by software arbitrary)

Print the contents

Chinese, English, numbers, graphics, serial number, VIN code etc.

Printing speed

3-12 characters per second

Print depth

0.01-2mm (according to the material constant)

Print mode

manual input, automatic printing


colorless dent

The steel hardness


Print material

all kinds of metal (HRC65 ° hardness), all kinds of hard materials


software provides self editor, handwriting input, the plane circular, fan-shaped and circular distribution

Graphics conversion

software provides AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, CAXA graphics file conversion mode


the self-lubricating type precision linear slide rail, work for five consecutive years' working error less than 0.01mm


180 x 150 x 80mm (length, width, height)





Marking Samples:



This product gets many compliments from our visitors as it provides ultimate comfort and smoothness without compromising its attractive appearance. - One of our customers says. The product features a fast marking speed. This product is meaningful in cutting down people's energy consumption from the perspective of the financial and environmental viewpoint. The product features a fast marking speed.
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