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CYCJET Laser Marking Machine Helps Food Enterprises Improve Efficiency and Reduce Cost

CYCJET Laser Marking Machine Helps Food Enterprises Improve Efficiency and Reduce Cost


In order to meet market demands as well as respond to national calls and bring safe food to consumers, CYCJET laser printers have developed LC series CO2 Laser marking machine after conduct in-depth research, improve and update the production technology of printers. LC series laser coding machine have been widely loved by companies in the food industry since its listed.

Features of LC series laser marking machine:

1. CO2 laser marking machine mainly adopts American coherent laser source, high-performance galvanometer scanning system, the control software jointly developed by CYCJET and domestic well-known software companies, which with fast speed and stable performance.

2. Well laser mode, long service life, continuous operation up to more than 25,000 hours, high efficiency electro-optic conversion and low overall power consumption. Super strong air-cooling fan, high temperature workshop is still stable and consistent.

3. Easy to operate the system, flexible and convenient to change. Support multiple-language operation interface, such as English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, etc. It can compatible with the exported files by AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP and other software, which can mark bar code, QR code, graphic text, etc.

4. Ultra-long text laser marking, suitable for continuous printing of long information, precise field pitch control; unique precise rotation control technology of galvanometer, more accurate printing and more artistic fonts.

5. The multiple-level user password guarantees safe use. The built-in network server can be controlled remotely through the network, leading the industry.


With the spirit of continuous innovation, superb and reliable technology, complete specifications of products, and professional and efficient services, Shanghai Yuchang Industry provides laser marking solutions for all levels packaging applications from individual products to outer boxes for the food and beverage industry. With the ultra-high-speed laser coding technology developed for many years, the single high speed flying laser marking machine can meet the requirement of 1600pcs/min QR code coding for beverage bottle caps or bottle bodies, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing user's coding cost.

CYCJET not only provides users with top-notch laser marking technology to ensure the safety and environmental protection of production and processing, but also provides more cost-effective products. Whether it is PVC or PP and other non-metallic materials, or aluminum and other metal materials, information all can be marked by a laser printer. The production date and manufacturer's logo can also be easily marked, it can also be used in industries such as electrical appliance marking and pharmaceutical aluminum foil marking.

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