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CYCJET CO2 Laser Coding machine for Electric Cable

CYCJET CO2 Laser Coding machine for Electric Cable

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CYCJET CO2 Laser Coding machine for Cable marking/CO2 Laser Machine Maker

Product Description


Laser oscillation in the fiber optical wave, low dissipation, good stability and is not affected by external dust gas and mechanical looseness, the output of a laser beam is stable.

l  100000 hours of zero- maintenance.

l  Processing speed is 2 to 3 times the traditional laser marking machine.

l  Wind cooling fiber laser, no consumables, low maintenance, high photoelectric conversion rate, low consumption (800 w) or less, use cost.

l  Integrated design, small size (there are a whole cabinet and portable optional).

l  Environmental adaptation ability strong can be in vibration, shock, dust, humidity environment continuous work, easy to implement with optical fiber coupling, which can realize remote work.

l  Bar code, qr code, graphics, text rules and irregular marking serial number, etc.

l  Software running on WINDOWS platform, Chinese/English interface, can be compatible with AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP software, such as PLT, PCW, DXF, BMP, etc, but also can be used directly SHX, ttf font.

Application Scope:  

Suitable for electronic components, electrical products, IT industry, auto parts, hardware tools products, precision instruments, gift accessories, medical equipment and other high-end products of precision, fine logo printing. Typical applications such as, plastic (PA66) insulation flying laser marking, metal plate laser marking, packing box body online laser marking, etc.

Laser Specification
Power 30w
Material A.L
Power Demand 220V; 50/60Hz; 800W
Marking Range 70*70mm, 110*100mm, 150*150mm
Print Height 0.1-100mm(Customized)
Marking Speed ≤12000mm/s
Cooling Way Air Cooling
External Jack 3 parts, 2 USB
Working Environmental External temperature of 10 ℃-40℃; ≤95% non-condensing humidity
Feature Meet 180m/min online production speed. Special made for PE/PVC/PPR Pipe extrusion line, and other plastic profiles production line.
Print Lines The lines unlimited within Max height 100mm.
Print Length Unrestricted
Print Fonts The built-in various font, and horizontal bar,vertical bar, bold font can be free change.
Print Content Real Date, Real time, Photo, Letter, Shift group, Serial number, Batch number, Lot number Barcode and 2D code can be free print.
Print Direction Upward printing, downward printing, side printing(360°direction printing)
Font library Standard font library are Chinese & English, and The Spanish,Portuguese,Arabic font library can be optional
Operator Interfaces Image-style & Chinese or English ( Spanish,Portuguese,Arabic)menu
Memory Function More than 1000pcs text can be storage
Display Color touch screen, high speed controller
Weight of Machine Dimension of Machine



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Please advise us the following information so that we can recommend you the most suitable machine and marking solution:
1. what kind of Laser printing machine do you need? Fiber laser printer/Semi-conductor laser printing machine/CO2 Fly laser marker?
2. Marking material information? Material type and specification
3. Marking requirement. Working efficiency? Working range?

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People will find that its color is always even without any streaks or spots, and they have no worry that the color will fade. This product features zero-maintenance and low failure rate. The product makes my feet more breathable, in the meantime, it gives me easy-walk experience. - Said one of our customers. This product features zero-maintenance and low failure rate.
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