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CYCJET C700UV Inkjet Printer is Used for Prints Variable Bar Code on Cartons

CYCJET C700UV Inkjet Printer is Used for Prints Variable Bar Code on Cartons


Carton boxes can be seen everywhere in life, such as gift boxes, food packaging boxes, carton packaging, etc. Traditional carton coding usually prints information such as product name, identification number, production serial number, and production date that accurate to the minute on the carton. This kind of inkjet coding for cartons can be done by a low-resolution inkjet printer, which is commonly known as a large character inkjet printer in the inkjet printer industry. The characters sprayed are dot matrix fonts, and the diameter of each dot is about one millimeter.

However, in recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet technology, most manufacturers need to print more and more variable information on the cartons. Because of the variety of products, the method that carton factory prints the product information on the cartons in advance has been unable to meet the needs of the rapid changes in enterprise production.

Moreover, with the development of e-commerce logistics, cartons are packaged on top of the original container functions. In order to achieve product anti-counterfeiting and tracing management, more and more companies require unique bar codes or QR codes to be printed on each carton. Large-character inkjet printers and small-character inkjet printers have also been unable to meet the needs of manufacturers. In order to achieve “one box one yard” to achieve tracing and management, production manufacturers need to add new processes and need to use variable code printing equipment to spray the cartons.

In addition, the environmental protection of carton packaging and the diversification of application scenarios have also become the mainstream. The CYCJET C700UV ink jet printer that can be applied to carton boxes has been created accordingly. C700UV inkjet printer uses UV ink to print variable data content. UV ink is a kind of ink that needs ultraviolet radiation to dry, and the content of inkjet printing has high adhesion, especially in the wide application of QR code in anti-counterfeiting tracing, which makes the market demand for UV inkjet printers show a steady rise trend.

From the perspective of the application industry of UV inkjet printers, its main advantage lies in packaging identification and trans-coding printing. For some common QR code information, multi-line graphics, digital characters and other identification content, it can be used to large-format switch printing, with the characteristics of high printing speed and high resolution, which is very suitable for the production line of packaging factories.

QR code is a new modern technology of information storage, transmission and identification. By scanning the QR code, you can view the basic information of the whole carton of goods, including product name, specification model, weight, batch, production date, place of origin, and name of the manufacturer, etc.

Therefore, the advantages of the variable data QR code printed on the carton by CYCJET C700UV inkjet printer are generally as follows:

1. It is equipped with a special nozzle, which is more exquisite in terms of printing accuracy, and the height can be set within a certain range. Especially, the recognition rate can up to as high as 90%. In actual field applications, it is more suitable for mass production manufacturers.

2. It can perform high-speed online coding to meet the coding needs of manufactures’ production lines and save certain costs for them.

3. This C700UV inkjet printer adopts imported environmental-friendly UV ink, which has strong ink adhesion, and can meet the applicability of a variety of printing materials, and can largely prevent scratches and waterproof.

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