Compared with traditional logo for laser marking machine advantage in where?

by:cycjet     2020-07-21
Compared with traditional logo for laser marking machine advantage in where? Laser marking machine has been fully integrated into each big industry fields, now has become a social indispensable one kind of processing equipment, laser marking machine applicable scope is very broad, such as: 1, auto machinery industry: steel bushing, bearing, piston ring, engine, vehicle signs and machine tools; 2, electronic communications industry, mobile phone, keyboard, electronic components, electrical appliances panel, fiber optic cable, cable, etc. ; 3, hardware equipment industry: tools, measuring tool, cutting tool, tableware, lock, knives, scissors, sanitary ware, medical equipment, fitness equipment, stainless steel products, etc. ; 4, buckle the sign industry: buttons, bags buckle, belt buckle, gold and silver ornaments, signs, badges, attendance card, business card, photo, leather bags, belts, pen and pencil box, collections, works of art, etc; 5, instrument glasses industry, metal case, the bottom of the table, glass frame, instrument panel, etc; 6, packaging caps industry: tobacco, medicines, food, cosmetics and so packaging, metal bottle caps, furniture decoration, buckle signs, plastic products. With traditional mimeograph, carving, screen printing, such as chemical etching method, laser marking machine is very obvious advantage of the laser marking machine with low cost, high flexibility, because it is computer control does not need the template, is not restricted by graphic, is subject to change and an input without any other consumables. Now laser marking machine in the sign industry occupies more than 90% market share, at least so why laser marking machine is so popular? People liters laser below small make up to give you a simple explanation about the laser marking machine in a few of the advantages of sign industry. 1, anti-counterfeiting: laser marking machine carved technology is not easy to copy and change, have very strong anti-fake performance. 2, permanent: laser marking machine marking by environmental relations ( Contact, acid and a reducing gas, high temperature, low temperature and fade) 。 3, high precision carving: laser marking machine for cutting the minimum line width of 0 fine patterns. 4 mm. Mark clear, durable and beautiful. Laser tag can meet in very small print on plastic parts demand large amounts of data. 4, non-contact, laser marking is a kind of used for machining of mechanical 'laser scalpel', can print on any regular or irregular surface marking, marking the workpiece will not produce internal stress, in order to ensure the original precision of workpiece. No corrosion on the surface of a work, no wear, non-toxic pollution-free. 5, wide applicability: laser marking processing can be applied to all kinds of metal and nonmetal materials ( Aluminum, copper, iron, wood, etc. ) 。 ) 。 6, rapid development speed: due to a combination of laser technology and computer technology, the user, as long as they are on the computer programming for laser print output, and can always change the print design, thus fundamentally replaced the traditional die manufacturing technology, to shorten the product upgrade cycle and flexible production provides a convenient tool. 7, low operating costs, the laser marking machine marking speed and marking, low energy consumption, low operation cost. 8, high processing efficiency, high processing efficiency, marking speed. Under the computer control of laser beam can be high-speed mobile ( Speed up to 5 to 7 m/s) , tags can be complete within a few seconds.
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