Code printer in the packaging market function and the principle of laser marking application

by:cycjet     2020-08-08
Frame code printer, engine code printer, nameplate printer, the sign of code printer series, steel plate printer, code vendors would introduce code printer functions and constantly improve, has been basically can meet the market demand, and intelligent management in the enterprise plays a unique role, the personage inside course of study points out, the printer will become increasingly important in the packaging machinery market status, there is a big development space, nowadays the competition between enterprises is very fierce, many companies have chosen the intelligent management model, code printer is a very important part of the intelligent management, there are now many companies are aware of the importance of the code machine, it can not only intuitive tell people stable product information, also can put the product information to the surface of the product, which makes the intelligent enterprise management efficiency has greatly improved. In food production, in addition to ensure excellent product quality, but also for consumers to know the production date and save the date, in order to avoid consuming expired products, due to the laser marking machine, printer plays an important role in food production line, code printer is mainly concentrated in the drinks, beer, mineral water and other industries, at the same time to the wire and cable, food, cigarettes, battery, such as industry development, its function in addition to label production date, also can be a potential problem tracking, prevent such as counterfeiting, the food industry still is the biggest market of code printer. Like many other machinery and equipment development, code printer is born, variety is single, only finished product code process, probably can't guarantee the quality of printing products, brings to the enterprise and the consumer a lot of inconvenience. With the progress of science and technology in our country, many advanced technologies are used in the production of printer, printer types and functions continue to increase, gradually to meet the needs of market and enterprises, compared to spurt the code machine, printer less investment, consumption is low cost, on the carton and label printing, has irreplaceable leader, but on the bottle printing, uv laser marking machine code printer also can't replace the spurt the code machine. Code printer manufacturers now only to see the situation the development of the status quo, constantly moving in the equipment automation, intelligent, diversification, efficient, high quality development, to be able to catch up with the advanced level, to win more market, the personage inside course of study points out, although the packaging machinery industry product variety, model and have different functions, but code function complete product trademarks, production date, batch number, stamp, etc. Some logo print, the unique features of the influence of the market is unique, code printer status in the domestic packaging machinery market will be more and more important, there is a big development space. A laser mark principle application analysis. Laser marking is the use of high energy laser beam on the machining surface evaporation, chemical action, and a variety of means such as burning, so on by processing the surface of an object in permanent marker, generally speaking it processing principle can have two kinds. 1, hot working type laser marking. This way are mainly optical fiber laser marking machine using the energy density of laser beam, laser beam is together by the energy flow, processing the surface of the object, according to need is absorbed by processing the surface of an object in the energy flow, by exposure to the area of the process of producing thermal excitation, so that the processed object surface or outer layer or atlas coating temperature, produce a series of changes, such as melting, evaporation and ablation etc. Phenomenon, thus to realize the process on the processed object target. 2, cold type laser marking. It refers to the wealthy are high-energy ultraviolet photons, through the interrupt processing objects within the chemical bonds or is a chemical bond, the surrounding media so that the processed objects of thermal process failure, this form of marking process to be processed objects layer and near the area does not produce the effect of heating and deformation, for example in the electronic industry of basal material for thin film of chemical precipitation, the two different ways can complete the implementation of the laser marking process. Shenzhen citizen laser technology co. , LTD. Is a company committed to global customers with laser equipment and laser intelligent solutions high-tech enterprises, the company mainly research and development production _ _ _ laser marking machine - sales Laser welding machine Laser cutting machine - Laser engraving machine, the hotline: 400 - 009 - 8266 http: / / www。 szmslaser。 com/。
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