Co2 laser marking machine what is the difference between a glass tube and tube?

by:cycjet     2020-08-18
What is laser marking machine, there may be a lot of people don't know much, but can be found everywhere in our life laser marking products, laser marking machine can leave permanent identity in the surface of the material, the principle of which is the use of high energy laser beam irradiation materials of the surface to the deep material, and help to carving out the information such as images, text, bar code, the qr code. Laser marking machine is divided into many types, different materials need laser marking machine is different, the laser marking machine for the several main categories: fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, side pump laser marking machine, UAG laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, etc. Laser marking machine is mainly applied to some requirements of high precision, high precision products, wide applicability and electronic appliances, metal products, jewelry, clocks and watches, glasses, precision instruments, medical equipment, space ships, electronics, medicine, food packaging, integrated circuit, building materials, handicrafts and so on. Co2 laser in the laser marking machine marking machine has two types, one is a metal tube, a glass tube, that what is the difference between between them? L laser by people below small make up simple for everyone. Metal pipe of 1, co2 laser marking machine is imported, the glass tube is homebred, metal tube service life can reach more than forty-five thousand hours, usually can use six years or so, the inside of the gas exhausted can continue filling with is reusable, and then the glass tube generally use 2000 hours, usually about half a year need to replace a, belong to a one-off, cannot repeat use. 2, the stability of the metal tube is better than glass tube, tube is sealed, with 30 v low voltage, and glass tube if it is effect on cutting machine generally want to use more than ten thousand v power supply, the performance is not stable, long working power easy ageing, thus pose a safety hazard, and the control system has a lot of interference, such as improper operation is easy to burn out the mainboard is more susceptible to the influence of the voltage and damage to its normal function. 3, co2 tube of light to 0. 07 mm, light spot fine, high precision, small heat effect, to do fine processing, and glass tube light spot of 0. 25 mm, is three times the number of rf tube, flare is thick, with poor precision, the instability of light, heat diffusion area is large, melting, black apparent cutting edges. 4, co2 tube used in air cooling, can long-term trouble-free working stability, glass tube adopts water cooling, continuous processing time is too long or not in the scope of the constant water temperature will be unstable or not light, in a row work had a great influence on the quality of the product. By above you can see that the tube is better than a glass tube, but a price points a points goods, the price of the metal tube is much glass GuanGui, if the product machining accuracy is not high, use the glass tube is no problem. Such as: leather, fabric, acrylic, etc. , so do not blindly choose when purchasing equipment, don't expensive to fit, should first know its own product as well as the properties of equipment required, it is best to sample, the people rose laser can provide samples for free, customers can contact us in need.
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