Co2 laser marking machine industry advantage

by:cycjet     2020-08-22
CO2 laser marking machine laser is a kind of gas laser, the wavelength of its production to 10. 6 um, belong to the infrared spectrum, the CO2 laser with big power and high electro-optical conversion efficiency. Laser equipment used non-contact processing, processing of high quality, heat diffusion area is small, therefore very suitable for textile fiber and the cutting of various kinds of fabrics. Laser equipment processing a wide range of cut, cutting speed, smooth, does not produce distortion, design can be arbitrarily output by a computer, don't need a knife mould. Can maximum limit to save labor and materials, the production efficiency will be improved. Now more and more widely the scope of application of laser equipment, the use of laser equipment can not only improve the efficiency of production, and overall cost can be saved. Now laser equipment basic will be cutting, punching, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, etc all mixed together, it can be a finished product, to save time, people rise of CO2 laser marking machine is such. Use fiber little coke side of the laser cutting, laser USES is hot working, can be automatically closed, no subsequent fringed edge processing. Now the aircraft, car carpet and manufacturer of cushion are starting to use laser marking machine, benefit growth. Co2 laser marking machine product advantages: 1. High-power laser power is controlled by software, such as continuous adjustable, marking large range is clear, not easy to wear and cutting with high efficiency; 2. Engraving depth can be arbitrarily control manufacturing cost is low, no material is controlled by a computer; 3. Using 10. 64 um beam by beam expander, focused, and finally by controlling the galvanometer deflection; 4. A predetermined path on the surface, make the work surface gasification engraving effect. 5. Good beam model, the system performance is stable, maintenance free, suitable for large quantities, many varieties, high speed, high precision industrial continuous production processing field. 6. Advanced optical path optimization design and unique graphical path optimization technique, coupled with unique super laser pulse function, make the cutting speed is more quickly. Shenzhen citizen litres production of laser equipment and laser intelligent solution is widely used in fine equipment, auto parts, hutch defends hardware, electronic appliances, smart home, cell phone components, instruments and meters, lighting equipments, hardware tools, sanitary ware, mould, medical appliances, IT digital metal shell, garment leather, craft gifts, advertising, decoration, jewelry and other industries. Has extensive customer benchmarking model.
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