Co2 laser marking machine in the use of attention and food packaging marking features

by:cycjet     2020-08-15
1, co2 laser marking machine to avoid in damp environment use, avoid a discharge condition, using equipment, to do regular maintenance, if found to have discharge occurs, immediately stop using, check the maintenance. 2, the use of co2 laser marking machine, pay attention to the observation of current, if the current under the condition of low, can work continuously for four hours, if the current is higher, should try to shorten working hours, to avoid damage to equipment. 3, co2 laser marking machine in the use of three-phase electric machine needs, but also must be noted that the fuselage shell must be ground wire. 4, in order to avoid damp caused by mirror appear mildew to change, must be light in the machine is not used within the joint arm into the oven to keep dry. 5, if must carry on the equipment maintenance, first of all to cut off the machine into the electric power supply, high voltage discharge and equipment. Talked about the 'food', the word 'food safety' emerged in you mind first, in order to effectively prevent and avoid the food safety q laser marking machine, regulators issued tougher food safety law, food packaging safety problems at the same time also received great attention, tall, on food packaging to a certain extent, can have the effect of brand promotion and brand protection, more should pay attention to safety, it is both an opportunity and a challenge, and packaging industry is a big reshuffle, for laser technology - - - - - - - - - - - - Food packaging industry with laser marking is a new opportunity. Food packaging as an important part of the goods, all the time to protect the food, the safety of food packing material or not is directly related to the safety of food, in addition, the mark in the packing information is the important visual consumer whether food safety, based on the tag information on the packaging can effectively passed to the consumer food sources, food ingredients, food effective date, storage conditions and the matters needing attention and so on information, news reported on the market a lot of delinquents to tamper with food production date and other information. So the question comes, how can effective more ultraviolet laser marking machine for packaging information for effective regulation. Most of the traditional pattern of processing with the method of printing and inkjet marking information, but as long as it is using ink, the two tags can be altered, there is no guarantee that the uniqueness of the tag information, it is easy to cause the tag information been tampered with, the other inkjet itself some materials are harmful substances, harmful to the food itself exists, also, the environmental pollution caused by the serious threat to consumers' health of body and mind, so in this way, there exist some obvious defects in food packaging. Inkjet processing way tag to a certain extent against the meaning of food safety of itself, which is more security environmental protection processing technology Laser marking machine is replaced. Laser mark is the use of high energy density of laser local irradiation was carried out on the workpiece, the surface material vaporization or change the color of chemical reaction, so as to leave permanent marks a marking method, has the marking of high precision, fast speed, legible and characteristics of environmental protection free from contamination, the tag information is portrayed on the packing of the products, optical fiber laser marking machine so it is difficult to tampering and counterfeiting. For laser marking technology combined with computer, using the computer software of control system now, not only can be customized personalized tag a variety of characters, product number, bar code, serial number, qr code, date of production, design, logo and some special symbols, etc. So the food packaging industry with laser marking has the following characteristics:. 1, can not only promote the brand influence, overall and laser marking machine can effectively prevent food packaging information tampering and counterfeit products circulation and cross-regional sales, goods. 2, can use the coding of laser tag, bar code, sent to such information, can build links database system, let us timely tracking, query the latest trend of product, industrial laser equipment failure will occur in the production is relatively small. 3, can greatly improve the efficiency, but long time continuous operation, and can reduce production cost, reduce material, to ensure the whole process of environmental protection, safety, at the same time also does not produce any harmful chemical substances to the human body and environment. 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