Co2 laser marking machine for leather goods more exciting

by:cycjet     2020-08-18
Co2 laser marking machine for leather products more colorful in our daily life, all kinds of leather products everywhere, small to every aspect of our lives, such as: leather, leather bags, leather pants, leather shoes, strap, arts and crafts, etc. , large, such as: cars, ships, planes, and so on can use leather. And these leather can see some beautiful images, text, so you know how these designs, text appear in leather products? Many people will think that these are traditional process printing, does the traditional process can be printed on leather elegant graphic, but you may not know there is a kind of equipment can do it, also can do a better job, that is 'co2 laser marking machine'. So where is the advantage of co2 laser marking machine? Using co2 laser marking machine for processing leather leather will not cause any damage, sculpture, faster, more accurate, the graphic is not now, do not need the template, any logo, can change at will. Laser processing belongs to the hot working, it makes use of high energy laser beam on the surface of leather instantaneous burning carving, heat effect is small, so although is a high quality laser beams will not produce damage to leather, in addition to marking graphic, each country's language, symbols, qr code, bar code are able to do marking. Using co2 laser marking machine carved out by any design is permanent, and hit the underlying pattern delicate, beautiful, and co2 laser marking machine can also help enterprises to save costs, in the process of machining the co2 laser marking machine also won't have any material, no secondary processing, this can save a lot of unnecessary material costs, labor costs and equipment will be 20000 small repair, also saved equipment breakdown maintenance trouble, the performance of the equipment at the same time also has 24 hours of continuous work, can satisfy the processing requirements of mass production assembly line. The people rise of co2 laser marking machine is adopted imported original accessories, to ensure the stability for the equipment and to give customers more trust.
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