CO2 laser marking machine for laser tube, rounding

by:cycjet     2020-08-18
People up CO2 laser marking machine for laser tube, it is well known that the laser tube is mainly composed of hard glass, cavity, electrode of three parts. Hard glass part; This part consists of GG17 material calcined into discharge tube, water-cooled, gas storage and muffler. Letter from CO2 laser is usually three layer casing structure. Water discharge tube, is the most in the middle of the net, the outer layer is a gas storage, the muffler is used for connecting tube and the trachea. Cavity part: this part is composed of all mirror mirror, and output. Of cavity mirror, general with optical glass as substrate, the surface cross the gold film, gold film reflector in 10. 6 um near the reflectivity of 96% above; The output of the resonator mirror can generally USES transmission 10. 6 um radiation germanium infrared material ( Ge) As the base, made in above the multilayer dielectric film on the ferry. Electrode parts: cold cathode commonly used CO2 laser, the shape of cylindrical, cathode material which has a great influence to the life of laser, the basic requirement of the cathode material is: low sputtering rate, gas absorption rate is small, for CO2 laser marking machine, laser tube and performance directly affects the quality of the CO2 laser marking machine work efficiency, it is also the CO2 laser marking machine is one of the most important part of. The general co2 laser marking machine laser commonly used hard glass, generally USES the layer of sleeve structure. Discharge tube is the most inside layer, layer 2 for water cooled bushing, the most outer layer of the trachea. The co2 laser tube diameter than He - Ne laser tube. The thickness of the discharge pipe generally has no effect on output power, mainly considering the diffraction effect caused by the light spot size, should according to length. Length of coarse, tube short natural fine point. Discharge tube length is proportional to the output power. Within the scope of a certain length, discharge tube per meter length of the output power increases with the total length. Work is the purpose of water-cooled cooling gas, make the output power is stable. Discharge tube in both ends connect to store the trachea, trachea has a small hole at the end of the storage and discharge tube, the other end through the spiral muffler and discharge tube are interlinked, so it can make the gas in the discharge tube and store circulating in the trachea, the gas discharge tube exchange at any time. Be widely used in acrylic non-metallic marking, engraving, plastic products and so on; And development ability in the subject matter of the mild steel plating to play. CO2 laser is also used in automation system of electronic instrument flexible circuit board and the polyimide diaphragm and polyester. CO2 laser marking machine
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