CO2 laser marking machine for laser tube, rounding

by:cycjet     2020-08-17
For a laser marking machine, laser is the soul of the whole machine, laser quality decided to a laser marking machine product quality and the service life of laser marking machine. Today people up small make up to explain the co2 laser marking machine laser tube. Co2 laser marking machine laser tubes are generally made of glass, usually adopts layer of sleeve structure, outer layer is the trachea, water pipe, electricity is the most inside in the middle. Including a muffler, muffler is link electric tube and the trachea. Co2 laser discharge tube than He - Ne laser tube to be thick, the thickness of the discharge pipe does not affect the output power general, mainly according to length diffraction effect caused by the light spot size. In general length a bit coarse, fine, tube short discharge tube length is proportional to the output power, within the scope of a certain length, discharge tube per meter length of the output power increases with the total length, and the purpose of the water jacket is gas cooling work, make the output power is stable. Co2 laser marking machine and some important parts, the cavity, this is composed of full mirror, and the output mirror, the mirror, generally based on optical glass substrate and surface crossing the gold film, gold film reflector in 10. 6 um near 98 meteorite and dreamy delusion of reflectivity with bad neon Su eke out porcelain in zhu DE words strain, shao mei thicken dry? 0. 6 um radiation germanium infrared material ( Ge) As the base, made in above the multilayer dielectric film on the ferry. CO2 laser as well as electrode, generally USES the cold cathode, the shape is cylindrical, cathode material which has a great influence to the life of laser, the basic requirement of the cathode material is: low sputtering rate, gas absorption rate is small.
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