Co2 laser marking machine and common sense in the application of circuit board industry

by:cycjet     2020-08-15
Co2 laser marking machine is the co2 laser with German, other internal core components are also the basic from Germany, because the laser height can be adjusted up and down, so convenient marking, marking precision is high, the dimension of a vibrating mirror can also change, can continue to work, and the machine form a complete set of computer software is so powerful that can follow the line mark to the products, can also be flying marking. Not only that, but also can give a completely static product marking, built-in cycle wind cooling system can guarantee the stability of the work, can work continuously for a long time, and ensure the quality of the product marking for everybody below a brief introduction of the use of co2 laser marking machine process:. Before starting to check whether the waterways within the work environment is unobstructed, circuit is normal, both of which there is no problem after confirmation can boot:. Process a: confirm the machine power supply is switched on, and then with a key switch on the machine, the machine is turned on, the first device of the cooling system and built-in electric pump laser marking machine up and down the wind system, current half display is about 7 a. 5 - process 2: observation After 10 seconds, can trigger switch on the control panel on the outside, the trigger switch just opens ammeter numerical display is 0, after a few seconds, krypton lamp will light up, ammeter numerical display at this time would be for 7 a. Three processes: open the galvanometer scanning mirror power supply. Four processes: open with marking software of the computer, open the software in conjunction with equipment. Process five: adjust the laser mark applied current, average current of 10 - 18 or so, a specific usage will reference manual, can then be marking, marking the end of the machine running for a while, can according to our above the boot process of the reverse operation, close the switch. Shutdown of the process is as follows: probably around the current of the laser modulation minimum 7 a first, and then you can exit the marking software, turn off the computer, the next in turning off the power of the galvanometer scanning device, press the stop button, the ultraviolet laser marking machine with a key next closing machine, pull out the key, to cut off the equipment and power link is ok. Flexible circuit board has save space, reduce weight and flexibility of higher merits, the global demand for the flexible circuit board is increasing year by year, flexible circuit board's unique characteristics make it in a variety of occasions to become rigid circuit board and the traditional wiring plan alternatives, and it also promote the development of many new areas, is the fastest growing part of the computer hard disk drive ( HDD) Internal cables, growth in second place is new type of integrated circuit encapsulation, flexible circuit technology in portable devices ( Such as mobile phone) The market potential is very great. Flexible circuits of the moderator if now on polyimide or polyester film substrate by Yin shun circuit board, has a high packing density, small volume, light quality, etc. , are widely used in the electronic products the connection parts, small but is now on its industry is still in the stage of rapid development, it has good performance and can adapt to the tiny now, the installation of high precision design needs, fiber laser marking machine is the electronic products miniaturization and mobile design preferred material, free bending, coiling, folding, bending is difficult to damage wire for many times, can be accordance with the requirements of space layout is arranged, can achieve components in different space and integration of wire connection, greatly reduce the volume weight of electronic products, is now electronic products, high density, miniaturization, high reliable guarantee. Along with the development of the now, flexible circuits, smaller in the future, more complex, flexible circuit board will be the future development direction, due to their own conditions limitations of the traditional machining is hard to satisfy the processing need, in order to realize more sophisticated flexible circuits design, requires more sophisticated processing solutions. Because now the ultraviolet laser marking machine, laser beam with high energy, the effect on the polymer materials such as PI to light energy into chemical energy, in the role of precision of laser beam, part of the change of chemical bond connection material atoms and molecules, so as to achieve the purpose of surface treatment. Shenzhen citizen laser technology co. , LTD. 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