China's manufacturing industry widely used optical fiber laser marking machine'

by:cycjet     2020-08-16
Optical fiber laser marking machine laser equipment is widely used nowadays, is also a more skilled technology, optical fiber laser marking machine now has been employed in industry, such as: precision instrument, measuring tool cutting tools, electrical appliances, three-dimensional circuits, electronic components, 3 c electronic, electronic communications, metal jewelry, hardware tools, mobile communications components, auto parts, mould, plastic products, medical equipment, building materials, pipes and other industry application is very broad. Which has been widely applied and one of the laser marking is lamp act the role ofing, firmware jewelry laser marking, laser marking, laser marking of the electronic apparatus, auto parts laser marking and so on, now there are many stores began on eggs for laser marking, thus it can be seen how popular optical fiber laser marking machine. Optical fiber laser marking machine, metal and non-metallic materials can be identified. Because of the rapid development of China's economic market, are increasingly demanding for the process of machining, laser marking technology as the leading high technology and new technology, has been the national key technology, in today's China manufacturing industry has played a very important role. Compared with the traditional processing technology, optical fiber laser marking machine is used in computer operation, simple easy to operate, can meet various products, customized processing, also can realize assembly line production. Although there are a lot of people don't know in real life or laser marking machine, but the laser undoubtedly has become a part of our daily life, can be seen everywhere in our life of laser marking products, such as: the commonly used mobile phone, hardware products, electrical appliances, jewelry, and even clothes pants shoes have the shadow of the laser. Laser marking has unique technology, can make products become more delicate and beautiful. Now laser technology in China has reached world-class level, but in some special fields as well as medium and high-end laser equipment, intelligent, automated laser equipment and so on all has certain gap, in order to shorten the gap with foreign laser enterprises, as well as adapt to the development of domestic manufacturing needs, now many domestic enterprises are also actively to develop in this respect. Now laser domestic enterprises in the processing, special material processing, laser processing and picosecond laser processing, etc. , have made considerable breakthrough. Why the optical fiber laser marking machine is so popular? First: fiber laser marking machine price is not high, and processing speed, mark surface smooth level off, without further processing, small deformation, high machining accuracy, repeatability, without burr, etc, and can also edit any graphics complete tag, also can greatly reduce the processing cost of the company.
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