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استخدام آلة الوسم بالليزر CO2 بمهارة لجعل المنتجات الجلدية أكثر روعة

يعد استخدام الجلود في الحياة اليومية واسعًا للغاية ، حيث يغطي الصناعات الرئيسية مثل الدباغة وصناعة الأحذية والملابس الجلدية والمنتجات الجلدية والفراء ومنتجاتها ، فضلاً عن الصناعات الداعمة مثل الصناعات الكيماوية للجلود والأجهزة الجلدية وآلات الجلود ، و الملحقات. تشمل المنتجات الجلدية الشائعة الملابس الجلدية ، والأحذية الجلدية ، والأحزمة ، وأشرطة الساعات ، والمحافظ […]

Using CO2 laser Marking Machine Skillfully to Make Leather Products More Exquisite

The application of leather in daily life is very extensive, covering the main industries such as tanning, shoemaking, leather clothing, leather goods, fur, and its products, as well as supporting industries such as the leather chemical industry, leather hardware, leather machinery, and accessories. Common leather products include leather clothes, leather shoes, belts, watch straps, wallets, […]

Rango de aplicación de varios tipos de máquinas de marcado láser

Las impresoras láser utilizan rayos láser para marcar permanentemente las superficies de varios materiales. Las máquinas de marcado láser se utilizan a menudo en ocasiones que requieren detalles más finos y una mayor precisión. ¿Cuáles son los tipos comunes de máquinas de marcado láser? 1. Máquina de marcado láser de fibra: El equipo de codificación […]

Cuatro diferencias entre la impresora de inyección de tinta UV y la impresora de inyección de tinta de caracteres pequeños

Tanto las impresoras de inyección de tinta UV como las impresoras de inyección de tinta de caracteres pequeños son impresoras de inyección de tinta, pero existen diferencias en sus principios de funcionamiento, industrias de aplicación, alturas de impresión y precios de mercado. Al comprar una impresora de inyección de tinta, solo necesita comprender estos cuatro […]

Application Range of Various Types of Laser Marking Machines

Laser printers use laser beams to permanently mark the surfaces of various materials. Laser marking machines are often used on occasions that require finer details and higher precision. What are the common types of laser marking machines? Fiber laser marking machine: Fiber laser coding equipment adopts advanced solid-state fiber laser, with stable output power, good […]

Four Differences Between UV Inkjet Printer and Small Character Inkjet Printer

Both UV inkjet printers and small character inkjet printers are inkjet printers, but there are differences in their working principles, application industries, printing heights, and market prices. When purchasing an inkjet printer, you only need to understand these four points, you can quickly make a choice that suits you. Different working principles. The industrial CIJ […]

CYCJET Inkjet Printer Helps Cold Chain Food Traceability to Ensure Food Safety

With the improvement in living standards, frozen food has entered the dining table of more and more people. With the emergence of the new crown epidemic, more and more people have begun to realize that frozen food should be purchased carefully. How let consumers buy cold chain food with more confidence? How to supervise frozen […]

Features of Flying Laser Marking Machine

In recent years, laser printers have been widely used in soda water, beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, personal skin care products, daily necessities, tobacco, wine, and other industries. After several years of continuous improvement, the new generation of laser coding machines has more complete functions, more reliable performance, more stable operation, and more convenient installation. The unique […]

CYCJET Redefines “Flying Coding Aesthetics”

With the development of society and the progress of human beings, people have higher and higher requirements for work efficiency. In this era of convenience and effectiveness, many businesses have racked their brains and strived for innovation in order to meet the needs of the public, especially the coding machine industry. Now, under the transformation […]

CYCJET B3020 Small Character Inkjet Printer Is Designed for Small and Medium Manufacturers

Now, the market demand is changing with each passing day. As a well-known small-character inkjet printer brand, CYCJET has been committed to producing high-quality small-character inkjet printers and other inkjet equipment. In research and development, CYCJET B3020 small-character inkjet printer has been loved by small and medium-sized manufacturers since its inception. CYCJET B3020 industrial CIJ […]