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Successful Application of CYCJET M Series Marking Machine in Tire Industry

With the increase in demand for performance in modern automobiles, tires are developing towards more high-tech and refined ones as well. As rubber products, car tires should of course, also have a production date or batch number to verify their age and other miscellaneous details like that. According to our research, tires and other similar […]

The Role of Laser Marking Machine in the Inter Net of Things

If it is assumed that laser printers play an integral role in the Inter Net of Things, some people will definitely think about what sort of relationship they may share. So, what role do laser printers play? Is the relationship complementary and/or indispensable? Questions, questions.   The Inter Net of Things is an extension and […]

Application of Inkjet Printer Technology in Modern Industry

We can often see in our daily life that relevant product-related information is almost always printed on concerned products such as food, beverages, tobacco, alcohol, cables, medicines, cosmetics and the like. When packaging the product, the product name or other information can also visible on the products’ outer packaging which also show the necessary barcodes […]

C700UV Inkjet Printer Realizes QR Code Traceability for Steel Pipe and Steel Plate

C700UV Inkjet Printer Realizes QR Code Traceability for Steel Pipe and Steel Plate Steel pipes and steel plates are important basic raw materials in industrial production. Steel is produced by large steel plants, and in the course of decades of development, the production mode of steel plants has gradually changed from extensive production to intensive […]

Fully automated industrial inkjet printers

Fully automated industrial inkjet printers

The Advantages of Fully Automatic Inkjet Printers Fully automatic industrial inkjet printers carry out real-time online identification and control of the production process of enterprises and respond quickly to changes in working conditions. For example, the production date packaging of products is very popular in the market, and it is obviously better than manual coding. […]

What Are the Characteristics and Functions of Small Character Inkjet Printers?

Small Character Inkjet Printer

The small character inkjet printer is one of the most widely used marking equipment in the market, amongst other types of inkjet printers. Non-contact high-speed coding is used in many fast-moving consumer goods, food, daily chemicals, medicines, building materials, and other industries, and has made important contributions to product identification. In the changing time, CYCJET […]

High-Quality Marking for Medium and High-Speed Production Lines, Realized by Laser Marking Machine

CO2 Laser Printers

CYCJET laser printers have no virtual font, coding, or graphic restrictions; which makes them the ideal choice for printing complex codes. Combining powerful performance and flexibility, CO2 laser printers provide high-quality markings on medium and high-speed production lines and are designed to maintain high-quality codes on high-speed production lines. Advantages of Laser Coding Machines: Offers […]

The Use and Application Range of Small Character Inkjet Printer

Industrial Inkjet Printers

Small character inkjet printing machines are widely used in food & beverage, daily use toiletry items, medicines, building materials, pipe industry materials, machinery, electronics, wires, cables, packaging, and other industries. The vast scope of its usage includes the printing of packaging production batches, the printing of cosmetic production dates, the printing of cards, the printing […]

Laser Printers Usage and Importance For The Food Packaging Industry

Pre Packaged Food

In the process of ensuring food quality and safety, food packaging is an integral part. The recent developmental changes in technology have made food packaging more diverse and personalized, as well as effectively guaranteeing quality and safety. In the upcoming future; standardized healthy and traceable roots food packaging will become a new staple and necessity […]

Laser printers for the food packaging industry

In the process of food and safety quality assurance, food packaging is one of the most integral aspects. The development of technology has made food packaging more diversified and personalized and at the same time, its quality and safety have also been effectively guaranteed. In the future, standardized, healthy and traceable food packaging will become […]