Car accessories laser marking the people rise laser

by:cycjet     2020-07-11
With the development of science and technology, laser marking machine has become a member of the essential for processing and manufacturing, its application is very extensive, almost throughout all industry, laser marking machine why so popular with each big enterprise boss, with the traditional way of printing, chemical corrosion, such as mimeograph marker, laser marking machine computer control of simple operation, high flexibility, low cost, identified by a permanent, delicate and beautiful, no pollution, no noise, marking speed advantages. Laser marking machine is not only applied in the manufacturing industry, particularly in the application of jewelry industry in recent years, all kinds of jewelry laser private tailored marking, personality by marking is the love of the masses, guangdong development bank this laser marked by full of fashion and personality. Bus travel must tool in our daily life, now the price of cheap, basically can afford, buy a car, owners will go to buy all kinds of ornaments placed in the car, make appear drab car, more stylish, laser marking vehicle accessories exquisite, beautiful, graphic can optional custom, more personality, fashion. Car accessories laser marking machine what are the characteristics? 1. Laser marking machine adopts unibody design, small size 2. Low consumption, is a traditional one over ten of the marking machine 3. Hit target speed, 3 - is a traditional marking machine 4 5 times. Resolution is ten times the traditional marking machine 5. Stability is strong, 6 without maintenance. Service life is long, can use up to hundreds of hours of car accessories what are the advantages of laser marking machine? 1. Computer control, simple operation, the high flexibility. Graphic can be replaced, don't need a template 3. Marking machine system can support serial number automatically size 4. A target speed, high quality, high precision, fine beautiful 5. Laser marking used in non-contact processing, so not to produce machine pressure deformation of workpiece, consumables are produced by 6. A mark by permanent, do not wipe, wear-resisting, high and low temperature resistant, 7. Unlimited play target materials, metal and non-metallic marking
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