Canon Pixma iP 2600 - Best Budget printer

by:cycjet     2020-08-31
Printer manufacturers are working hard to emerge from the plastic grey look that been recently mandatory for all printers in there are and the Pixma iP2600 follows this trend. The sleek exterior is six.6x17.4x10 inches and has a mirrored glossy black finish, more reminisant of a furniture accessory rather than an inkjet computer printer. It certainly doesn't take up a lot of desk space which enable it to blend in nicely with your iPod or other desk peripherals. As one would expect on a budget printer, the cpanel is limited in order to power button in addition to a paper feed button, located on the top of printer. The power button doubles the error indicator by flashing a warning. Power input and USB port are located on the back of the printer, although no USB power cable is supplied with the unit. As previously mentioned, the printer does not support PictBridge so you will not be able to print directly from your digital camera.
Cartridge supplies
The Pixma iP2600 comes with a black cartridge PG37 and a three-colour cartridge CL38 as standard. These are low capacity cartridges, the black containing 11ml of ink and the colour a total of 9ml, 3ml every single colour cyan, magenta and yellow. Higher capacity cartridges is found that fit in this printer. The high capacity black PG40 has 16ml of ink at an expense of around 13 and the high capacity colour CL41 with a total of 12ml of ink, 4ml each colour. These cartridges, although more expensive to purchase, will establish cheaper in over time as they produce a lower print cost per page.
In speed tests the Pixma iP2600 performed very well. It managed to produce 5.68 pages each of black text, which compares well with both the HP DeskJet D4260 and the Lexmark Z845, that are both more expensive ink jet printers. The canon also performed well in quality tests, the characters formed were precise with crisp edges and created no blurred areas, in colour graphics tests most documents released solid colours and nice even distribution of colour. Generate slight area of interest was in portions where gradual colour gradients occurred the complete imperfections were barely noticeable to the bare eye and merely perfectionist could make a complaint.
4x6 photos printed on Canons semi-gloss paper were also impressive. They hadn't been perfect but were well balanced and even, a difficult task for a budget printer.
So with solid printing performance at relatively quick output speeds and acceptable photo prints, the Pixma iP2600 is an affordable choice and also a printer that performs well above its weight, which probably the best budget buy under 50.
With over 10 years experience in the imaging industry being a director of Cartridge Concept, Alan Wilson has a wide knowledge of tattoo used in all Canon ink cartridges
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