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Application of CYCJET Laser Marking Machine in the Hardware Industry

Application of CYCJET Laser Marking Machine in the Hardware Industry


China’s hardware production has always occupied an important position in the market, especially in recent years, both at home and abroad, it has shown a continuous upward trend. In addition, China is a large manufacturing country and has a certain influence on the world. The addition of laser marking machines has taken the hardware industry a step further.

All kinds of marking schemes in the hardware market have their own marking characteristics and a range of materials suitable for marking. The CYCJET laser marking machine has excellent performance and quality, and its application scope in the hardware industry is increasingly expanding. Its outstanding advantages include high electro-optical conversion efficiency, the small size of the whole machine, good output beam quality, high reliability, and long life span.

CYCJET laser marking, as a modern precision processing method, has unparalleled advantages compared with traditional processing methods such as printing, mechanical engraving, and electric spark processing. CYCJET laser marking machine has the performance of high flexibility and high reliability. It is especially suitable for the fields with high requirements for fineness, depth, and smoothness, so it is widely used in the hardware industry. It can process metal products such as iron, copper, stainless steel, gold, alloy, aluminum, silver, and all-metal oxides. In addition, it can also mark some delicate parts such as stainless steel test pieces, clocks, abrasives, etc. All the marking effect can be durable and exquisite.

It is worth mentioning that for marking on stainless steel, the laser marking machine has two modes, one is ordinary marking, and the other is what we call “blackening”, which produces a black marking effect through oxidation. Through the different settings of frequency, marking speed, and other parameters, different color effects can be marked without any pigment assistance.

A hardware product needs to be marked before leaving the factory: product name, bar code, product serial number, anti-counterfeiting mark, instructions for use, production date, and other key information to facilitate factory management and market supervision and management. To complete these tasks, it is inevitable to use laser marking machines, especially in the mass production line, CYCJET laser marking machines with fast marking speed and high marking forming rate should be selected.

CYCJET laser marking machine can mark various text, graphics, serial number, product number, bar code, two-dimensional code, production date, etc. on hardware products, and the time, date, or serial number, product number can be automatically skipped. Besides, the marking information is not only clear and precise but also will not be erased or modified. This is very beneficial for product quality and channel tracking, and can effectively prevent expired product sales, anti-counterfeiting, and prevent cross-sales.

The hardware products marked by CYCJET laser marking machine have fine patterns, and the marking effect is permanent, beautiful, and clear. It can also meet the needs of printing large amounts of data on extremely small hardware products and can print two-dimensional codes that require higher definition and accuracy. Compared with imprinting or jet marking methods, the outstanding functional advantages make laser marking machines have a broader market at home and abroad.

CYCJET can formulate the most suitable marking scheme for customers according to their specific application requirements when they choose laser marking machines. CYCJET laser marking machine is easy to install, even if it is a complicated production line, it can ensure the smooth operation of production. In addition, the performance of CYCJET equipment is stable and reliable, which can not only meet the needs of different industries but also meet the needs of various materials to mark a permanent eye-catching logo.

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