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Application of CYCJET Laser Marking Machine in Daily Chemical Industry

Application of CYCJET Laser Marking Machine in Daily Chemical Industry


Daily chemical products refer to the scientific and technological chemicals used in people’s daily life, including shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics, washing powder, detergent, oral daily necessities, special cleaning agents, etc. With the improvement of social and economic level, people not only require the high quality of daily chemical products but also pose new challenges to packaging design itself. It is necessary to protect these products through packaging and to allow consumers to identify product information through clear labels on the packaging so that products can enter the market in a safe manner.

Daily chemical products are indispensable consumer goods in people’s daily life, and they are closely related to the health and safety of the people. However, in recent years, the safety problems of these products have emerged one after another, and date tampering has occurred from time to time. The daily chemical market is still not standardized, counterfeit, and inferior products are seriously impacting the market. This makes companies pay more and more attention to product big data management, and consumers have higher and higher quality tracing requirements, which is a challenge for product packaging design, product protection, and clear and unique labels.

Under this condition, the daily chemical industry urgently needs a coding technology that is conducive to product control and safe and environmentally friendly to prevent bad businesses from mixing bad products into the market and endangering people’s health. Therefore, the use of a green, environmentally friendly, anti-dropping permanent marking method-laser coding, has become a new technology that sets a new benchmark for the brand in the daily chemical industry. The CYCJET laser marking machine has become a good choice. The marked information is not only exquisite but also attracts the attention of customers.

CYCJET laser marking machine can solve the problem of data tampering of daily chemical products. Unlike ink printing, laser marking will not fade due to external environmental influences such as touch, acid-base gas, high temperature and low temperature, and air humidity. It will not fade after long-term use. It is permanent and anti-counterfeit, which can solve the date falsification of daily chemical problems from the source. If the QR code is marked on the packaging, it can realize “one item, one code”. After the data is entered into the big data system with the scanner, diversified product promotion and consumer group data analysis and management functions can be realized, which provides strong support for the development and decision-making of daily chemical companies.

Cosmetic packaging materials are divided into main containers and auxiliary materials. The main containers usually include plastic bottles, glass bottles, hoses, and airless bottles. Auxiliary materials usually include color boxes and middleboxes. According to the material, it can be divided into paper packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging, and metal packaging.

In order to make the product achieve the best marking effect, CYCJET can tailor a set of professional laser application solutions for the daily chemical industry to meet the coding needs of different products. The marking content can include production date, pattern, bar code, QR code, etc. In addition, CYCJET also integrates common materials for daily chemical products and provides you with the following product options for reference only.

Daily chemical products are mostly packaged in plastic materials and glass materials, and the outer packaging is mostly paper packaging boxes. For such products, it is best to use UV laser coding equipment for laser marking, especially for packaging bags with thinner materials and lighter colors. For dark-colored paper packaging boxes, the LC series CO2 laser coding equipment can meet the requirements of fast marking. For metal bottle caps or dark-colored plastic bottles, you can use LF series fiber laser coding equipment to make the markings clear and permanent.

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