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Application of CYCJET Inkjet Printer in Pipe Industry

Application of CYCJET Inkjet Printer in Pipe Industry


New types of pipes are developing rapidly in our country, which is widely used in energy, construction, transportation, and petrochemical industries. They also bring greater opportunities to the inkjet printer industry. Due to the continuous development of the pipe industry, the implementation of standardized management of products has also become a matter of concern for manufacturers. Generally, the content that needs to be printed in the pipe industry includes standard certification or various complex graphics, with diversified materials, such as PPR, PVC, PE, drainage pipes, home improvement pipes, rubber hoses, and other pipes. Besides, the logo must be clear and easy to read, which need to meet the requirements of the regulatory authorities for the labeling of the pipe industry.

Coding technology has been widely used in various production lines in the pipe industry. Usually, the pipe industry production line has several characteristics: high temperature and high dust workshop, need to print trademark logo and certification icon content, automatic meter counting function, 24 hours continuous boot production.

Regarding the characteristics of the pipe industry, the CYCJET inkjet printer can work continuously for 24 hours in the high temperature and high dust workshop of the pipe industry. It can automatically print bar codes, QR codes, various trademarks, graphics, Chinese, English, pattern, production date, batch number, etc. And it will not be affected by the speed of the production line, you can set automatic continuous printing to achieve accurate meter counting.

The pipe is the material used to make pipe fittings. Different pipe fittings need different pipe materials, and the quality of the pipe directly determines the quality of the pipe fittings. Pipe fittings are the parts and components that play the role of connection, control, direction change, diversion, sealing, and support in the pipeline system. Some pipe fittings also need to be marked, such as production date, logo, model, batch number, and other information. Pipe fittings mostly are marked by inkjet printers, which have a perfect effect and high speed. They can print information on pipes of various materials, such as PE, PVC, plastic, stainless steel, rubber, cast iron, and other pipes.

CYCJET has a wealth of industry application experience in construction pipes, profiles, composite floors, joinery boards, decorative boards, etc. A single nozzle can achieve high-quality graphic logo printing, and the performance of pigments and models is particularly excellent. The unique non-contact electromagnetic system can ensure the stability and reliability of the ink circuit system.

CYCJET inkjet printer is ahead of other peers with its unique core technology, the system is stable, and it can cooperate with the production of high-speed production lines. In addition, CYCJET uses imported inks, which can save consumables, and there are many kinds, can meet the needs of various manufacturers, especially for the pipe industry.

The pipe industry has a lot of dust in the production process, and under the high temperature in the workshop and long-term continuous production, the requirements for the printer equipment in the harsh working environment are very strict. The CYCJET inkjet printer can not only ensure the service life of the inkjet printer equipment in harsh environments but also maintain a stable and beautiful printing effect, which can reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment. Due to the large differences in the types and colors of the pipes, it is necessary to formulate an application plan for coding and marking according to the actual needs of the production enterprises and for the pipe industry. CYCJET has laser marking machines, hand-held inkjet printers, online inkjet printers, and a variety of ink options, which can meet the needs of different customers.

CYCJET hand-held inkjet printer is the most widely used inkjet printer equipment in the pipe industry on the market. Its exquisite and compact body design can meet the needs of editing information without a network environment. The CYCJET portable inkjet printer can be used for pipes of different diameters in outdoor processing plants, production workshops, storage and logistics centers, etc. Moreover, with a special nozzle, it has the characteristics of abrasion resistance and high-temperature resistance, which can form a clear, beautiful, and permanent mark on the surface of the pipe.

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