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Application of CYCJET High-speed CO2 Laser Marking Machine in Squeeze Hose Packaging Industry

Application of CYCJET High-speed CO2 Laser Marking Machine in Squeeze Hose Packaging Industry


With the improvement of living standards and the renewal of consumption concepts, people are increasingly paying more and more attention to skincare. In the dry autumn and winter, people invest more in skincare products, which has become the mainstream of domestic cosmetics consumption. Looking at the current situation of the daily chemical industry, from large international daily chemical giant brands to small domestic new brands, anti-counterfeiting and anti-string behavior are the primary considerations. So how to effectively achieve anti-counterfeiting and anti-string behavior?

Shanghai Yuchang laser marking machine is widely used in a variety of daily chemical product production lines, including tube packaging, bottle packaging, glass packaging, carton packaging, etc., from primary packaging to outer packaging to batch packaging. According to customers’ requirements, from simple production date, expiration date, batch number, to identifiable bar code and two-dimensional code, it can meet the traceable identification requirements and play a role of anti-counterfeiting and anti-string goods.

Especially, the squeeze hose packaging has been widely used in various products in daily life, such as toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine, glue, shoe polish, etc. The current situation and prospects of market applications can also fully support the charm of this humble hose. The market size of squeeze hose packaging is expected to exceed USD 9 billion in 2021. In industry applications, led by the daily chemical industry, its consumption accounts for more than twice the output of squeezable hoses.

Squeeze hose packaging is widely used and has a bright future, but it has certain difficulties in marking. Marking more production-related data on the squeeze hose is the direction of the packaging industry. Batch, expiry date, serial number, anti-counterfeiting code identification, and other information are already become standard information for consumer product identification and squeeze hoses are no exception. Squeeze hoses, especially small squeeze hoses, have limited coding space, and the frill at the end of their tails must be used. In order to make full use of this precious coding space, some manufacturers choose to mark on the single side or side of the frill to make full use of the limited coding space.

In the coding of squeeze hoses, CYCJET CO2 laser marking machine is a very advantageous coding equipment. The coding quality and readability are much higher than ordinary inkjet printers or compression printers. Vector fonts can replace low-resolution fonts, support Chinese and English, and various special characters, have the ability of high-speed coding for variable code. Besides, the laser itself has the characteristics of high durability and non-erasing, which make the advantages more obvious.

The Shanghai Yuchang squeeze hose laser marking machine can easily realize the process of the marking with the automated production line and realize the automated coding. Whether it is marking bar codes, production dates, or promotional codes on the squeeze hose, it will greatly improve the convenience of operation and the efficiency of coding.

It looks very automated. But how does this laser marking machine work?

First of all, we need to focus precisely to find the precise marking point and then connect the automatic coding signal to the laser marking machine, and it will start working when a product passes by. When there is no product, it will not work. Secondly, it is necessary to realize the seamless connection between data and laser marking machines. What information needs to be marked on the production line is automatically generated by the control system of the production line and sent directly to the control system of the machine, reducing human input, saving time and effort, and having a low error rate. To achieve the above two points, the laser marking machine can safely and efficiently play a role in the whole production process.

In addition, for the sake of safety in production, CYCJET can configure a fume extractor for the coding equipment to meet all safety and environmental protection requirements that should be followed.

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