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Application of CYCJET Handheld Printer in Surface Marking of Steel Sheet Piles

Application of CYCJET Handheld Printer in Surface Marking of Steel Sheet Piles


The steel sheet pile is a kind of steel with a lock. It has various sizes and interlocking forms. It has high strength and can be easily penetrated into hard soil. It can be constructed in deep water, with good waterproof performance. It can be composed of various shapes as needed. Coffering, and can be reused many times, so it is widely used.

Facing the construction of the project, it is convenient to complete the assembly quickly. It is necessary to mark and mark the steel sheet pile. The CYCJET handheld inkjet printer has strong convenience and can be quickly sprayed to avoid the misprinting and writing of the traditional mold. Shedding, blurring, etc.

The flexible and compact body comes with an LCD touch screen, combined with long battery life, allowing CYCJET manual coding machine to use the marking work in different occasions. The simple operation mode reduces the manpower input and adjusts the touch screen according to the requirements at any time. And editing content.

Using high adhesion ink, CYCJET large character handheld inkjet printer prints onto the surface of steel sheet pile by dot matrix printing. The size of the printing information can be adjusted by itself (2-62mm). The information printed on the outdoor for a long time is still neat, standardized and written. Clear, whether it is on the surface of rusty metal can still be very eye-catching.

The construction site has a harsh environment and the main dust is serious. CYCJET portable inkjet printer adopts innovative high-resolution nozzles to reduce nozzle clogging and wear, which can adapt to the stability and smoothness of printing in various harsh environments.

The simple coding equipment can not meet the diversified printing requirements of the enterprise. CYCJET steel pipe inkjet printer has powerful expansion, which can not only meet Chinese and English, digital, QR code, barcode, pattern, etc. The fuselage contains more possibilities, whether it is suitable for different materials and specifications in any environment, Jane is not only the best interpretation of CYCJET ALT160Plus handheld printer.

CYCJET is the a brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than ten years of experience for wholesaler and retailer of different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, portable marking solution in Shanghai China.

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