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Application of CYCJET Fiber Laser Marking Machine in the LED Lighting Industry Rotary Marking

Application of CYCJET Fiber Laser Marking Machine in the LED Lighting Industry Rotary Marking


Application of CYCJET Fiber Laser Marking Machine in the LED Lighting Industry Rotary Marking

The development and progress of society have caused the global lighting industry to develop rapidly. LED lights are favored by people because of their advantages of environmental protection and energy-saving, and gradually become the protagonist of the new generation of the lighting market. In recent years, LED lights have become the main lighting tools in shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, conference rooms, hospitals, shop windows, and other places.

Facing the dazzling array of LED lights, the premise of our purchase is to compare information identification, which provides us with the brand, current, voltage, material, temperature control, protection level, certification marks, environmental protection signs, and other information. As one of the important links in the production process, the marking of LED lights will directly affect the appearance and quality of the product. The laser marking equipment is gradually playing a pivotal role in the production line of LED lights with its exquisite marking effect, permanent, safety, and environmental protection. In particular, the use of permanent identification features of laser marking is more helpful for companies to manage products and prevent counterfeiting by peers.

The main purpose of the LED laser marking machine is to perform rotary or online marking on the surface of the LED lamp cap, lamp holder, etc. In the marking process, the products flow continuously on the production line, which greatly improves the production efficiency. This makes the laser marking machine truly meet the requirements of the manufacturer, basically cover the entire application range of the inkjet printer, and show a rapid upward trend.

Recommended equipment: CYCJET Eight-station Rotating Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1. The CYCJET fiber laser marking machine uses a laser with a high-quality light source, with good spot quality, uniform optical power density, and stable output optical power, which can meet the application requirements of the mainstream market.

2. The laser coding printer can mark a large amount of data in a very small range and mark the product material itself with a very fine beam. It not only has high accuracy and high speed but also marks clear, perfect, and permanent information. Permanent laser marking can effectively inhibit counterfeit products, help enterprises manage products, and realize product traceability.

3. The eight-station rotary turntable can realize multi-station automatic rotation and switching marking to meet the needs of 360-degree marking of the LED bulbs. Manual loading and unloading can be carried out while marking, which effectively improves processing efficiency.

4. The LED fiber laser marking machine is equipped with special fixtures suitable for fixing the LED bulb holders, and other fixtures of different specifications and sizes can also be customized to meet the needs of users’ production site process applications.

5. The desktop laser marking machine supports printing logo, serial number, batch number, production date, bar code, QR code, etc. Excellent performance and easy operation.

6. The environmentally friendly laser printer will not produce chemical substances harmful to the human body and the environment, ensuring the safety of the production environment. Moreover, the non-contact laser marking method will not damage the material of the LED bulbs, which can effectively guarantee the product quality and yield.

7. The CYCJET laser marking machine has a mature industrial design, stable and reliable performance can work continuously for 24 hours. More importantly, the laser has a maintenance-free time of up to 100,000 hours.

CYCJET automated laser marking solutions can help companies quickly respond to market changes. The automated laser marking machine breaks through the traditional inkjet printing technology creates a new marking method, which highlights the distinguishing characteristics of the product and the brand. Meantime, this improves the competitiveness of the product in the increasingly competitive market, thereby shortening the product upgrade cycle, and provides strong support for the LED lighting industry.

CYCJET is the brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET has more than ten years of experience for wholesalers and retailers of different types of handheld inkjet printing solutions, laser printing solutions, portable marking solutions in Shanghai China.

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