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Application of CYCJET Fiber Laser Marking Machine in Metal Can Packaging Industry

Application of CYCJET Fiber Laser Marking Machine in Metal Can Packaging Industry


Although glass bottles have always been a common packaging choice in the brewing industry, metal cans have shown a trend of development, especially in the craft beer industry. This trend is driven by a variety of factors, including an increasing emphasis on freshness and quality, excessive transportation costs, etc., the impact can be traced back to the production line. While, the emergence of laser marking machines provides a more efficient batch number and date code identification method for metal can packaging, which can ensure freshness and traceability throughout the distribution chain.

First, metal cans will not affect the taste of beer. Because the interior of beer cans is coated with a layer of epoxy resin, which acts as an insurmountable barrier between aluminum and beer. Secondly, the light resistance of metal cans is stronger. Light will cause the hops in beer to oxidize and give off an unpleasant taste. Although dark or amber glass can filter out most of the light and prevents beer from being exposed to light better than clear or green glass bottles, only metal packaging can completely block the light.

In addition, the glass bottles are difficult to transport. Because they are easily damaged, they are usually transported in wooden boxes or another heavy secondary packaging, which increases the heavy load. In contrast, metal cans are lighter, easier to pack in boxes rather than crates. Besides, metal cans can better withstand harsh transportation conditions with lower transportation costs. This means that whether they choose to distribute on their own or through partners, smaller breweries can more easily expand their sales. Only in terms of portability and efficiency, metal cans are clearly a better choice. Regarding the marking scheme, obviously, the fiber fly laser marking machine is the most suitable equipment for marking metal products.

Recommended marking equipment: CYCJET Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1. Security

The laser marking is concentrated on the surface of the engraved packaging material at a very high energy density. In a very short period of time, the material of the surface layer is vaporized, and the precise content is precisely burned out. Nowadays, many manufactures prefer this laser marking equipment in order to use the highly environmentally friendly coding technology to ensure food safety.

2. Environmental protection

Inkjet printers require a mixture of ink and solvent. Solvents are highly volatile materials that produce more chemically toxic residues. It will pollute products, cause secondary pollution to the production environment, and then damage the health of workers. While, the high-speed laser marking machine will only produce a small amount of smoke and dust during the marking process, which can be quickly absorbed by the smoke and dust purifier, which fully meets the national environmental protection requirements. More and more developed countries are now encouraging the use of laser coding machines instead of inkjet printers. 

3. Energy saving

The laser printer can achieve automatic marking and automatic storage. It has no consumables cost and labor cost, no need for consumable management, reducing production labor costs, and manpower pressure caused by purchasing, warehousing, and frequent replacement of consumables.

4. Permanent mark

The laser marker uses the principle of converting light energy into heat energy to ablate the surface of the workpiece to form a mark. Therefore, due to the influence of external factors, the mark is not easy to fade. It is a permanent trademark, which can resist counterfeiting, counterfeiting, and cross-product problems of certain illegal companies.

5. Easy to operate

This online laser marking machine is controlled by built-in software and is easy to operate. It can match the production line well, which is suitable for online marking.

6. Beautifully processed

The laser processing precision is high. Software drawing can quickly draw and generate various texts and graphics, CYCJET fiber laser marking machine can realize the fine marking of products, effectively reduce the defective rate of metal can packaging, and play an important role in improving the quality of metal can packaging.

CYCJET is the brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET has more than ten years of experience for wholesalers and retailers of different types of handheld inkjet printing solutions, laser printing solutions, portable marking solutions in Shanghai China.

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