( Analysis] Laser cutting machine used in high-end plastic application field of plastic processing advantages

by:cycjet     2020-08-17
Applied in laser cutting machine in addition to the material itself to meet the requirements of the laser cutting plastic processing in the field of high-end plastics application advantages, but also solve the problem of laser engraving machine, but also solves the plastic welding, cutting, carving, drilling in the process of how to achieve precise fast and efficient clean realistic problems. New plastic processing can use laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine, laser beam focused on the surface of plastic material, by high temperature property of laser melting materials, as well as the laser beam path and some plastic products along the run, you can get the required plastic products. Mentioned plastic products, many people will think of roadside stalls selling baskets, bucket, cans, etc. , with the development of science and technology, plastic products not only have these products, automotive, electronics, medical equipment, etc. , and even space technology, precision technology, cutting-edge fields are used. But in the field of high-end, in addition to plastic material itself to meet the requirements of laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine to solve the problem, and solved the plastics in welding, cutting, carving, how to realize in the process of punching precision, clean, fast and efficient laser cutting machine. Processing plastic has the following advantages: first, the quality of plastic nozzle laser cutting, belongs to a kind of non-contact cutting, cutting edge heat effect is very small, basically do not have the thermal deformation of the workpiece, completely avoid stamping die by laser cutting machine to edge collapse, forming smoothly, without processing again. Second, laser cutting machine for plastic material processing can improve the new product development speed: drawings, immediately, laser processing can be done, in the shortest possible time to complete the product. Third, cutting plastic material can save the cost, do not need mold machining, laser cutting machine does not need to repair the mold, the mold consumption, save tool changing time, saving processing costs, reduce production cost, suitable for processing large or small batch plastic products plastic products. Widely used in household appliances, cars, mobile phones, personal computers, medical equipment, electronic lighting indispensable part, so the plastic processing and application is also essential. Tissue boxes, the use of laser cutting technology of paper towel box after dealing with the transparent, clear as crystal, very suitable for home, hotel, office, etc. , but also can use laser engraving, carving is undoubtedly the best choice of the individuality signs with carbon dioxide laser engraving machine engraving crystal advertising, crystal characters, light engraving machine carved molding, no additional polishing, very flexible. The application of laser cutting machine in the plastic material cutting. Traditional way of mechanical processing is to drill directly for plastic artifacts, such easy to deformation, to meet the production requirements, need to be processed again, production speed will be slow, and the precision is not meet requirements. But the laser cutting machine processing can avoid these drawbacks, much more to speed up the development of plastic products, also accelerated the application of plastics in the high-end field. With the improvement of living standards, laser cutting acrylic gift market outlook is getting better and better, with its high speed laser cutting processing, simple processing advantages, such as loved by people. Laser cutting, for example, the acrylic handicraft industry, can be stored for a long time, no color, no moisture, can permanent bright.
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