Age _ mobile communications development irreplaceable in the laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-21
In the era of communication, the mobile phone is considered to be irreplaceable, you can say that you have it, I have it. Mobile phone brand, as a kind of credibility, commitment and responsibility, is the consumer to identify important basic mobile phone products. When the phone is no longer a brand logo, can you still recognize them? Yes, it's hard to tell! Due to the spread of mobile phones and development, in both the screen size and hardware configuration, the similarity between different brands of mobile phones are becoming more and more high. This phone logo logo, like passed on to the consumer brand card, is indispensable. In the past, the mobile phone body is mainly composed of plastic, including nokia, LG series and samsung models. Plastic shell phone, its LOGO LOGO is more screen printing process, but is thick silk screen printing ink, dot not delicate, difficult to follow the color, in addition to the printing effect is not ideal. In the process of use, easy to lose luster and color loss, it will affect beautiful. In addition, heavy metal element used for silk screen printing ink have pollution to the environment. To meet the demand of people to a higher aesthetic and use, mobile phone fuselage materials is more and more diversified, metal, glass and ceramics have appeared in the fuselage, users and manufacturers JiHui underlying demand is higher and higher, therefore, compared with screen printing technology have been used. Laser marking machine is more and more widely used in mobile phone logo. Details of the products from well-known domestic mobile phone brand production has strict requirements, mobile phone is no exception. It is a sign of on the mobile phone shell, from the power adapter to the mobile power supply, the trademark logo headphones. Laser marking is a kind of high environmental pollution-free processing technology. Have no touch, workpiece deformation, the characteristics of high precision, high resolution. In this regard, China has many powerful laser technology companies actively expand 3 c laser applications. Laser and automation brand in China's famous people up the laser as an example. The people rise ultraviolet laser marking machine. Co2 laser marking machine and MOPA fiber laser marking machine and other products in various known mobile identification mark applications has been widely used. The people rise MOPA laser optical fiber marking machine. The present invention has short pulse width and good beam quality, high precision, high peak power, high modulation frequency, etc, work fine, fast processing speed, 2 - is the traditional marking machine Three times. Its bright phone logo clear, beautiful, lasting sheen, simple sense is strong, wear-resisting, help mobile phone logo to achieve high-end upgrades, generally in favor of the mobile application market. The application of laser technology in the mobile phone industry has replaced from optional technology into the mainstream application of screen printing, although mobile phone products material is becoming more and more diversified. But the laser marking machine can achieve good marking effect. As you can see, laser marking machine versatility and more powerful technology, also has great potential for application in other areas.
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