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Advantages of CYCJET Laser Marking Machines in PPR Plastic Pipe Industry

Advantages of CYCJET Laser Marking Machines in PPR Plastic Pipe Industry


The application of pipe inkjet printers has rapidly become popular with the reduction of technical costs. For pipe factories, the production cost is a very important procurement indicator. How to purchase the equipment at a lower price range and ensure the operation of the machine with lower maintenance costs can directly affect the terminal sales of PPR pipes, which will affect the customer’s acceptance of the purchase.

The inkjet printers are usually used with a large quantity in the PPR pipe industry, and each pipe needs to have a clear mark. These marks include the manufacturer, brand, specification, model, implementation standard, etc., allowing distributors or end-users to quickly understand the product situation. These coding contents, on the one hand, is the detailed description of the product, on the other hand, is the certification and protection of the product. Through the unique small character coding or logo marking, it can play a role in anti-counterfeiting, brand promotion, so as to enhancing comprehensive competitiveness and added value of the product.

Nowadays, with the application and development of identification technology, its types and models have been continuously expanded. And it has gradually penetrated into every corner from simple preliminary applications. In particular, in the industrial field, the application range is wider and wider, the complexity of the application has greatly increased. Especially the electronics manufacturing industry makes the marking technology become an indispensable and important part of the production of various industries. There is no exception from the production of plastic pipes to profiles, aluminum (steel) plastic composite pipes, and other plastic extrusion materials.

As the plastic pipe industry, the use of inkjet printers is even more surprising. The first is the printing wheel. With the improvement of users’ quality requirements, most manufacturers have begun to use the small-character inkjet printers that can print production date, batch number, brand, and specifications. This is also the heyday of the application of inkjet printers in the pipe industry, and sales have increased significantly year by year.

With the advancement of technology, laser printers have gradually entered the plastic pipe industry. With the rapid development and popularization of laser technology, the permanent identification of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling goods embodies its unique value. It can not only be accurately positioned but also have a large marking range, and the speed can be suitable for changes in the production line speed, which has caused great resistance to the application of small-character inkjet printers in the plastics pipe industry.

The application of laser marking machines in pipe mills is not limited to PPR material. No matter it is PPR, PVC or aluminum-plastic pipe and other materials, whether it is an electrical casing or drainage pipe, it needs to have a code, and must be a clear, beautiful, and easy-to-read code to enhance the brand recognition of the product, improve users’ understanding of the brand, and achieve detailed competition between competing products.

Technological innovation is very fast. CYCJET laser marking machine is more advanced than small-character inkjet printers in terms of stability, flexibility, and user-friendliness. The market share of printing wheels and traditional inkjet printers in the plastic pipe industry has been shrinking year after year. Because of its later use costs, maintenance, and relatively high failure rate, many pipe manufacturers who have used them for many years do not want to buy again. At this time, the CYCJET laser marking machine appeared, not only without consumables but also with excellent stability and long service life.

In terms of software functions, the CYCJET laser marking machine is not inferior. From bar codes to two-dimensional codes to common data communications, it can be easily completed. Installation and debugging are simpler. It can be used in various materials, such as plastic, metal, or glass, to mark characters with good adhesion. By adopting laser marking technology, the CYCJET laser marking machine can achieve extremely high printing quality under any conditions.

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