About non-standard automation laser equipment and labor shortage problem

by:cycjet     2020-08-10
Of non-standard automation laser equipment and labor shortage problems associated with the shortage of social surplus labor is more and more now, the door of the enterprise and job market is more than a job, serious labor shortage will affect the part of the normal operation of the enterprise, at the same time also can promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. Under the background of rising prices, 'raise' cannot become the solution to the shortage. And from a long-term point of view, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is the way out. Labor-intensive enterprises to cope with the existing production equipment automation renovation by using the transformation and upgrading of automation equipment, reduce the production process, and reduce labor costs. Non-standard automation equipment represents the industrial upgrading, industrial upgrading is essentially the competition for talents, resources, under the reasonable profit, non-standard automation equipment can get around the problem of lack of work, in the aspect of human resource optimization and automation equipment allows companies to hire with preferred orientation, fundamentally solve the problem of difficult labor, and rapid development brings to the enterprise, improve the whole benefit of enterprise. Recently, the people rose laser companies adhere to the research and development, industrial non-standard automated laser marking equipment, automated assembly line online flying laser marking machine, automatic laser welding machine, automatic laser cutting machine, IC automatic double-head laser marking machine, is expected to 2018 new automated laser equipment will be marketing at home and abroad, is suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phone parts, instruments and meters, lighting equipments, hardware tools, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, auto parts, molds, precision machinery, medical appliances, IT digital metal shell, garment leather, craft gifts, advertising, decoration, model, jewelry and other industries.
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