A laser marking machine to let you have a perfect son 'cup'

by:cycjet     2020-07-21
Beautiful morning, face the morning asahi, prepare a delicious soy milk; Warm afternoon, against the lazy sunshine, taste mellow coffee; Attractive night, capture the quiet moonlight, a cup of warm milk; Calm down, return to quiet, enjoy this moment relaxed freedom. Company, is the longest confession of love. But, there are moments that is not someone, but something. 'Cup', for example, the four seasons samsara, a beautiful cup, enough is enough to make you happy all day long, even to drink boiled water can feel full of sweetness. Then, about the inseparable 'cup', how can we correct choice? Well-being of life, from the beginning of 'ceramic cup' plastic cups, plastic cups color is gorgeous, price cheap, but flexible type heating, can decompose the carcinogen, great harm to the body. Paper cups, paper cups are expensive, easy to use, but the paper cup appearance of a layer of wax material, the body can't absorb, the cup body can also occur moulds, harmless bacteria. Ceramic cup, ceramic quality of a material is frivolous, fruity, do not contain lead and cadmium in human body harmless heavy metal material, ankang beneficial to human body, is the world recognized green environmental protection product. 'Ceramic cup' perfect, 'laser carve' dance! Pure color of ceramic cup always feel short point of life, in order to give ceramic cup 'vitality' and 'art of beauty', laser engraving, Marking) Technical dance! Creatives classic beauty and beautiful clever combination of science and technology, application of laser engraving ( Marking) Machine on the ceramic poem painting, summarized from time to time is elegant, classic, from time to time is beautiful, nifty ceramic cup art world. Ceramic laser engraving is applied CNC control, software operation and drawing processing method. Need to design a good pattern, to be able to be finished after laser swiftly and efficiently draw arbitrary complex pattern. Can be accurate to the millimeter less than laser carve, precision is very high, compared with the traditional cutter a pattern need to spend a few hours, but only laser carve twinkling. Whimsy ceramic mugs gift secondary yuan ceramic mugs triaxial static business low original export rf CO2 laser marking machine laser low open low optical bench design task interval can be recuperated electric lift low volatility, fragmentary function weak beam shaping effect is good and fast data disposal of applicable materials: leather, rubber, wood, bamboo products, inorganic glass, pottery and porcelain, plastic, marble, jade, crystal, cloth and other non-metal materials. Laser engraving is just a process, but it can behave the way there are several kinds. If you want to show the joys and sorrows of the mood, laser expression package can be drawn on the ceramic cup; If you want to convey the secondary YuanShiJie, laser can be all kinds of animation cartoon characters portrayed in the ceramic cup; To TA if you want to customize a common gift, laser can be wish list you want to say today on the ceramic cup; You just think, laser can help you to complete!
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