A common problem analysis of laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-22
With the widely application of the laser marking machine, as a special kind of high-tech equipment, due to its wide application range, users from all walks of life, in view of the common problems and fault laser equipment, the people up here small make up for all to analyze the laser there are a few things: situation 1: can't find the encryption dog 1, check the power switch, control CARDS, equipment switch is disconnected; 2, whether computer systems and software version match, the marking software version is correct installation; 3, confirm whether the USB cable is connected to the computer. 4, laser software version does not match. Please use the manufacturer's U disk or from the manufacturer's official website to download versions of the software. 5, if you do not install driver, please install the software package are saved to the location of the computer. Remember: the right-click computer - — Enter the device manager - — Find and click on the 'USBLM - V1 ', right click to install driver - — Browse to the IDEEDA folder location - — Click 'ok' to continue to the next step. This will be installed and then open the EzCad2 tag software, you can use it normally. ( About specific graphical tutorial, see the article 'about the customer can't find the encryption dog') Case 2: the markup size error. 1, check whether the table is flat and parallel to the lens; 2, check marking products materials whether level off; 3, check marking the focal length is correct; 4, marking software calibration file does not match, please measure calibration file again, or contact the factory for after-sales guidance. Case 3: tag equipment light 1, check whether the laser power supply is normal power supply, the power cord is loose; 2, check the system parameters, the F3 whether type of laser parameter Settings for optical fiber; 3, check whether the laser control card signal is normal, then tighten the screws. Case 4: lower laser power 1, check whether the power supply is stable, whether current to the rated working current; 2, check whether the mirror laser lens are pollution. If there is any pollution, please use the swab stick on the anhydrous ethanol and gently wipe. Please do not scratch the mirror. 3, check whether the other optical lens is contaminated, such as red light vibration combined lens, lens, lens; 4, check whether the laser output light is obscured ( Ensure that the output of the isolator with galvanometer, at the same level. 5, laser use after 20000 hours, power attenuation to normal power loss. Without the optometry measures: 1, check that the power is on, and determine whether intelligent fan fan rotation; 2, check whether the computer interface is connected and software Settings are correct. Case 5: marking a sudden disruption during the process of the bolt is usually caused by interference. For the weak and strong lead, not to be tied or walking on the side. Signal lines with which has the function of shielding signal lines, and then USES the power grounding. Contact is not very good. Daily attention: 1, the laser equipment at work, can't touch or collision scanning worktable moving beam; 2, laser and optical lenses are fragile and should be careful operation, avoid vibration; 3, if the machine fails, should immediately stop work and deal with by the professionals; 4, pay attention to the switch sequence; 5, pay attention to the width of the marking machine shall not exceed the working surface; 6, keep indoor and machine surface is clean and tidy.
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