9 the research direction of laser processing technology

by:cycjet     2020-08-18
Laser processing is to use the energy of the light after lens focused on the focus to achieve very high energy density, processed by hot effect. Laser processing does not require tools, processing speed and surface deformation is small, can be processing a variety of materials. With a laser beam to a variety of materials processing, such as punching, cutting, scribing, welding, heat treatment, etc. Some materials with metastable energy level, under the excitation of external photon absorb light energy, made at a high level, the number of atoms is greater than the number of low level — Population inversion, if there is a beam of light irradiation, the photon energy is equal to the two can correspond to the poor, then can produce stimulated radiation, the output of light energy. Laser technology is involved in optical, mechanical, electrical, materials and testing different subjects, such as, a comprehensive technology, the traditional point of view, the scope of its research in general can be divided into the following nine aspects: 1, laser processing system. Including laser, light system, machine tools, control system and test system; 2, laser processing technology. Including welding, surface treatment, punching, marking, fine-tuning etc. Various kinds of processing technology; 3, laser welding, automotive body thickness plate, automobile parts, lithium batteries, sealing devices such as cardiac pacemaker, sealed relay, and various don't allow the deformation of welding pollution and device. Using laser YAG laser, CO2 laser and semiconductor pump laser; 4, laser cutting: automotive industry, computer, electrical cabinet, wood die cutter, cutting various metal parts, and special materials, circular saw blades, the force that press a gram, spring washers, electronic parts under 2 mm with some metal plates, steel pipes, tin-coated copper plate, plate, lead plate, phosphor bronze plating, electricity boards, thin aluminium alloy, quartz glass, silicon rubber, below 1 mm alumina ceramic pieces, aerospace industry use of titanium alloy and so on. Using laser YAG laser and CO2 laser; 5, laser marking: in all kinds of materials and almost all industries are widely used, the use of laser YAG laser, CO2 laser and semiconductor pump laser; 6, laser drilling, laser drilling is mainly used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic instrument, chemical industry, etc. The rapid development of the laser punch, the main body punch with YAG laser average output power has been raised from 400 w to 800 w to 1000 w. Domestic laser drilling mature application is in the production of synthetic diamond and natural diamond die and clocks and instrument jewel bearing, the plane leaves, in the production of multilayer printed circuit boards and other industries. Using laser is given priority to with YAG laser, CO2 laser, there are some excimer laser, laser and semiconductor pump laser isotope; 7, laser heat treatment: widely used in the automotive industry, such as cylinder liner, crankshaft, piston ring, commutator, gear parts such as heat treatment, at the same time in the aerospace, machine tool industry and other machinery industry is also widely used. Application of laser heat treatment in our country is far more expansive than abroad. Use many of laser YAG laser, CO2 laser is given priority to; 8, laser rapid prototyping, the laser processing technology and computer numerical control technology and combined to form a flexible manufacturing technology, used for mould and model industry. The use of laser is given priority to with YAG laser, CO2 laser; 9, laser cladding, are widely used in aerospace, mould and mechanical and electrical industry. The use of laser is given priority to with high-power YAG laser, CO2 laser.
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