3 d laser marking machine VS how much traditional laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-19
3 d laser marking machine VS traditional laser marking machine how much a lot of people know the traditional laser marking machine, but the understanding of 3 d laser marking machine is little, so, what is a 3 d laser marking machine? 3 d laser marking processing, laser surface sag is compared with the traditional 2 d laser marking, 3 d marking requirements for processing the object's surface roughness has been greatly reduced, and the effect of machinable more colorful, more creative processing technology arises at the historic moment. Now with the rapid development of laser technology, laser processing form has also been gradually changed, in order to meet the requirement of surface processing, now the 3 d laser marking technology is also gradually rise. Compared with the previous 2 d laser marking, 3 d laser marker for uneven surface and irregular shape of the product can be rapid laser tag, not only improved the machining efficiency, but also meets the requirements of personalized processing now, given the now production rich show style, provides a more creative now material processing processing technology. In recent years, as the demand for 3 d mark business gradually expanded, now 3 d laser marking technology is also concerned by many industry enterprises, some domestic leading laser company, have to develop their own 3 d laser marking machine, such as people rise of laser, the development of 3 d laser marking machine is widely used now many of the industry, fine surface markers for machining production surface now provides professional solutions. Now 3 d laser marking the former focus on the optical model, using the X, Y axis deflection lens. Thus more conducive to the transmission of laser speckle, above the accuracy of the focus and energy effect has very big effect to ascend, and the surface of the tag. 3 d at the same time not like 2 d laser marking as the focal length of laser up like that, which might affect the processing energy on the surface of the goods, lead to the carving effect is not ideal. After using 3 d mark, to a certain range of surface can be use now 3 d laser marking a one-time, greatly improve the efficiency of processing. In processing and manufacturing now, because in order to meet customers' specific needs, there are many irregular shape of the products, some products may not exist on the surface of concave and convex phenomenon, using the traditional way of 2 d mark seems to be some ' ' 'and' heart is unable to do ', 'now this time will need to use 3 d laser marking to complete processing. Although optical fiber laser marking machine has now has been widely used in many areas, but the appearance of 3 d laser marking machine powerful fill the deficiency of the laser surface processing, for now the laser application provides a broader stage.
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