3 d dynamic laser marking machine surface engraving and carving depth adjustment

by:cycjet     2020-08-19
Laser processing has become an important processing method of modern processing industry, this kind of fast and efficient and green environmental protection way of processing has been more and more users, in the field of code tag, traditional 2 d laser marking machine has been widely used in all kinds of products in the plane of the marking, but with the development of the industry, the three dimensional surface processing requirements, the traditional two-dimensional laser marking machine is difficult to meet the demand of such processing, so the 3 d laser marking machine arises at the historic moment. The appearance of 3 d laser marking machine is a big leap in the field of laser marking, its processing object surface shape is no longer confined to the plane, can be extended to three dimensional surface, realize the three-dimensional curved surface object manufacturing efficient laser graphic marking and surface microstructure, compared with the conventional 2 d laser marking machine, 3 d laser marking machine has the following advantages:. A, zoom, realize 3 d marking. Due to 3 d marking can quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam position, so in the past 2 d surface marking is not possible, the use of 3 d laser marking machine marking, in light of cylindrical marking can be done once, greatly improved the machining efficiency, moreover, many industrial products the surface shape of parts is not just a plane, for marking on a 2 d is really helpless, at this point, the 3 d marking is relatively easy to implement. Two, is more suitable for deep carved. Traditional 2 d marking surface deep carved inherent defects, with laser focal point in the process of carving up, the effect on the surface of the actual object, laser energy will drop sharply, seriously affecting the effects of deep carving and efficiency. 3 d marking for deep carving processing, there is no such problem, not only ensure the effect, and improved the efficiency of 3 d laser marking machine for laser marking processing improved the technology application scope, extends the surface of the underlying demand. Three, larger range and a finer photosynthetic efficiency. 3 d marking can be divided into focus and the focus before two kinds, the former focused mode, the main purpose is to achieve a greater range of marking, the use of large general X, Y axis deflection lens, can allow the incident laser light spot larger ultraviolet laser marking machine, and get a smaller is focused on the spot, the energy density is higher, so as to satisfy the requirement of the larger area to amount to mark. Laser marking machine in the use of products, there are two important technical indicators: the marking depth and marking width. Adjustment method: 1, the most direct increase of laser power: everyone knows laser is the key component of laser marking machine, like a car engine, improve the quality of the laser, the laser beam will get promoted, ie, increase the power of laser, and provide the workload, but doing so often would increase the cost of the machine, but the effect that must be immediate, once there is laser upgrade, the corresponding device will upgrade, so the cost of the whole machine will ascend. 2, turns the field lens of the laser marking machine field lens, a small scale transform, after its target depth will be deeper, such as the current of semiconductor laser marking machine can wildcard 110 field lens, turned into a 50 field lens, the total power of the laser and the engraving depth will reach about 2 times before the effect of optical fiber laser marking machine. 3, improve beam quality: to improve the quality of the beam, you need to adjust inside the laser cavity, change the light material or replace the pump sources are used, etc. , or to improve laser and output full mirror, scene, such as semiconductor laser marking machine, add holes, to improve the accuracy of the refrigeration set out light laser mode, makes the laser is the largest, the roundest, the brightest, in short, is to ascend the configuration of laser cavity, to be modified, this is a must to understand the structure of the laser marking machine configuration, or it will not directly affect the equipment. 4, laser marking machine marking speed is slow, the same power and other parameters of the same, just modify the marking speed, when the target depth of course will be darker. 5, change better laser marking fittings, using high quality laser group: to deal with light, using better beam expander is going to be a good way, so that the laser focus degree will be stronger, the speckle effect is better, such as semiconductor laser marking machine, using imported Q switch, the marking depth will be better. 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