2018 shenzhen ultraviolet laser marking machine is a powerful assistant in the field of precision machining

by:cycjet     2020-08-20
2018 shenzhen ultraviolet laser marking machine powerful assistant in the field of precision machining time like a year again, after 2017. Maya angelou much ado, vividly as film. Smoke less than have the past, only the truth be aware of. The end of 2017, 2018 new arrival, review of 'made in China' in 2017 under the background of the deepening, now, the traditional manufacturing industry is facing a deep transformation and upgrade. One of the important strategy is to move to higher added value and technical barriers to high precision machining. So, how to realize high precision processing? In recent years, with the rapid development of laser technology, laser technology in different fields of application gradually expanded, now widely used in the processing of many aspects, the unique processing method not only solved many problems, as well as processing and puts forward the possibility of more. Uv laser processing characteristics in the field of precision machining, now the application of ultraviolet laser marking machine is also increasingly widely, uv laser processing process is referred to as 'light corrosion' effect, 'cold' has the very high load energy ( Uv) Photon, can interrupt materials ( Especially the organic material) Or chemical bonds within the surrounding medium, damage to the thermal process in the material. For material surface is affected, this feature is suitable for food, medicine, 3 c, home appliance outer packing mark. Therefore, ultraviolet laser marking machine is very suitable for fine processing of now, the outstanding performance is accepted by many industries, and is now an important processing method in the field of precision machining. Due to ultraviolet laser is focused on the tiny, also has the smaller heat affected zone, so at the time of processing, will not affect the damage marks on the surface of the surrounding material, small also meets the requirements of the fine process of laser beam, and in the field of special processing needs, is now marked effect higher areas of choice for customers. Uv laser marking machine applicability is wide and tags can be fine for most materials, processing speed, high efficiency, the machine has good stability and can satisfy the mass production and flow process, is a powerful assistant in the field of fine process now. 2018 ultraviolet laser marking machine is widely applicable to high-end market in the field of fine process now, in what is now the field of fine process played an important role, and give us the fine process now provides effective efficient solution. People liters laser wholeheartedly for your service according to the characteristics of the market and demand, the people rose has launched a new series of ultraviolet laser marking machine, uv laser equipment core components litres of laser design team to independent research and development production, by the people and enjoy a number of high-end technology patent, the other main components are all professional customized according to customer demand, reliable and steady performance. In addition to meet the common ordinary marking, cutting and other applications, automation, such as transfer, CCD visual technology, also the fusion of the people rise the precipitation of laser technology for many years, can also provide customers such as 3 c industry, household appliances industry is more advanced, more stable, more efficient solution. Removal of ultraviolet laser marking machine equipment people liters laser and optical fiber, carbon dioxide, a full set of laser marking equipment such as pump, and can be customized for clients supporting automated assembly lines, implementation of a complete set of automatic laser processing scheme, can greatly reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency. Laser technology for many years, people always adhere to our customers as the focus, continuously improve product quality and service level, time to solve customer technical problems, creating values for customers, meet the market, provide the market with high technology, high quality new products. People liters laser sales network all over the world, to provide customers with perfect customer service, with market competitiveness of plan and marketing assistance, has become many industry-leading customers trusted partners. 2018 smart smart era, in the field of ultra fine laser processing, the people rose laser has always been committed to creating value for customers.
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