2018 plans for how the laser marking machine PK traditional process and screen printing

by:cycjet     2020-08-19
See how the laser marking machine PK technology and traditional silk screen at the beginning of New Year, vientiane update, 2018 is coming, with the rapid development of science and technology, now society and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people gradually to the requirement of processing technology requires more beautifully, especially now that the gift packaging industry, not only need to be applied to a variety of materials, and process complex high technical content, also need to work fine with appreciation and practical application value, so as to effectively improve product added value to increase the competitiveness of the market, to form distinctive products. Adopt now laser processing technology, unlike traditional sculpture, laser processing is the use of laser materials processing, under the action of the laser energy density, the melting of the moment and gasification machining surfaces, so as to leave a permanent mark, in the process of machining processing items do not need to contact, so don't need to, fixtures and cutting tools, won't produce internal stress on processed goods. Produce very fine after focusing the laser beam as knives, can remove surface material point by point, due to the size of the laser focus after is very small, small heat affected zone, fine processing, therefore, can do some conventional methods cannot achieve technique. After laser processing using the 'tool' is the focus of light spot, do not need to add other additional equipment and materials, to work, as long as the laser can be a long time for processing. Laser processing speed, low cost. Laser processing by computer automatic control, production without human intervention. Laser can mark any kind of information, but is only related to the content of the design in the computer, as long as the computer design draft out of marking system can recognize, then marking machine design information can be accurate reduction on the appropriate carrier. Laser processing now as a high and new technology, using computer to control, can be precisely controlled machining precision of goods, for some complex processing graphics and design, we can use computers to edit, to ensure the integrity of design, avoid machining process because human factors influence the yield of processed goods. Traditional processing in the process of machining, unable to accurately control, processing speed is slow, and by now a laser marking machine can rapid processing molding, although now the laser marking machine price upfront is the traditional processing equipment for several times, but now the fiber laser marking machine not only long service life and low maintenance cost, do not need to consume material, using range is wide, can for the vast majority of metal materials and nonmetal materials processing and production. In the future as now the growing development of laser technology, laser technology will surely give in but to replace the traditional processing method to the field.
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