【 2018 】 Optical fiber laser marking machine application in different industries

by:cycjet     2020-08-17
Optical fiber laser marking machine application in different industries - — Optical fiber laser marking machine has high reliability, small volume, quiet, easy to operate. The layout of the fiber laser is compact, light conversion, short preheating time, little affected by environmental factors, maintenance free, easy and advantages of optical fiber and optical lens coupling has received worldwide attention. Fiber laser in the laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting front position gradually replace traditional laser. In the category of marker, fiber laser has the very high beam quality and positioning accuracy. The fiber marking system replaced not hair is not high pulse co2 laser and pulse xenon lamp pump laser marking system. In the Japanese market, hundred million in a wide range of alternative phenomenon. Only in Japan, the demand for more than 100 units per month. China is a big producer in the world. The demand for optical fiber laser marking machine is very large, estimates that each year more than 2000 units. In the field of laser welding and cutting, with the development of fiber laser, on the development of kw or even tens of thousands of watts. Fiber laser is a kind of has many advantages of sensor source. First of all, the good performance of fiber laser, tunable, good stability, compact structure, light weight, convenient maintenance and good beam quality. Fiber lasers can be well with optical fiber coupling, and the existing fiber optic device is fully compatible with, can undertake all fiber optic test. Now. Based on tunable narrow line fiber laser optical fiber sensing technology is one of the commonly used in the field of application. The narrow line fiber laser can be applied to diffuse sensing system, realize the long distance, high precision optical fiber sensing. The sensing technology based on tunable narrow line fiber laser is widely used in high-tech industry. China kerosene/gas pipeline monitoring and underwater sonar detection estimated more than 100 each year the number of fiber laser. Compared with the traditional laser systems, compact volume, heat dissipation, beam quality, and compatibility with the existing system has obvious advantages.
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