2018 laser marking machine which good? Shenzhen has a professional production factory?

by:cycjet     2020-08-19
2018 laser marking machine which good? Shenzhen has a professional production factory? 2018 laser marking machine which good? For many beginners, buy equipment to understand the skills, the customer in the purchase of laser marking machine, laser equipment, find the current chaotic laser marking machine industry has a lot of manufacturers, and the large and small manufacturers will also quote us different prices, so we will start to make confused when buy, don't know how to begin, but whether the manufacturer, everyone should know the value that people rise laser below small make up to analyze the difference of price: almost all customers consulting laser marking equipment is put the price in the first, not put the price in the first place. 'Shop around' is that all the people to buy products of commonality, but standing under the same conditions compared: reveal something of value immediately apparent. See this kind of phenomenon, such as: taobao above fiber laser marking machine prices varied, your price is as high as more than 10, cheap as low as two 1 to 20000. This let the consumer feel doubt, don't know what to buy what kind of marking machine. More than ten think too expensive, and worry about the quality of twenty thousand is not pass. Actually whether manufacturer to offer more than ten or twenty thousand, have their own truth, for they all knew that value that you get what you pay for. Actually otherwise, it is well known that optical fiber laser marking machine is now realize modularization, a machine is made of several modules together, a laser marking machine is composed of: laser, optical fiber galvanometer, marking card, vibration mirror, red light, the beam expander, laser power, marking card power, optical fiber marking machine cabinet of a few parts such as modules. And these accessories, fiber laser is a core component, is also a greater difference between the price of a component. So a marking machine, laser choose what type, will largely determine the price of the machine, of course also affects the quality of this marking machine with performance, because generally speaking, the price expensive things quality is relatively good, especially the import of interpublic laser must be better than domestic laser a little, so we choose a marking machine, first will see the marking machine pause with what brand of laser. As you know, now many factories are a ultra-low prices stunt, in fact this price contain what kind of accessories is tie-in, what kind of technology, what kind of service, what kind of equipment performance life? Is a stark contrast price, what can you see? Here, only 1: price, the wool is on sheep's body. Way of business is such, low-priced high match against market rules. Offer you our low price in addition to some drops of comfort in his heart, in fact, customers buy the rest assured? After-sale guarantee? Therefore, when purchasing an optical fiber laser marking machine, the same price and ratio of nots allow to ignore. After is more important, rather than buy a broke three days at both ends of the marking machine, it is better to buy a configured, although the cost is a little high, but from a long-term point of view, aging, productivity and quality. 。 。 You can imagine. Laser marking machine which good? People rose is rich in laser application technology, and the overall automation solution of actual combat experience. Manufacturers at present main products are: laser marking equipment, laser cutting, laser marking, laser 3 d online deep carved carving series, laser ray system, li-ion battery series of complete sets of automatic welding, etc. , and provide customers with all kinds of non-standard automation equipment, laser and existing industrial production line 4. 0 and docking of production line. Laser marking machine which good? People liters laser based on science and technology innovation as the power, people-oriented, customer first, cooperation and win-win business philosophy, determined to become the international enterprise of perfect combination of technology and humanities, leading laser equipment manufacturing industry.
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