【 2018 】 Laser cutting machine has the market trend?

by:cycjet     2020-08-17
With the development of the society, people is higher and higher demand for goods, many processors also started with the new generation using cutting-edge technology, laser cutting machine is now almost all over each big industry first, in 2017 by the end of the many investors are searching for diversified portfolio, and laser cutting machine is a need to examine market, there are a lot of experts predict, from now on to the next 10 years, market will surge in laser cutting machine, and if you want to invest in the laser cutting machine industry, then you have to seriously look at 2018 laser cutting machine has the market trend. Laser cutting machine industry is developing very rapidly, according to industry, according to a report is expected in early 2018 to early 2019 industry value can reach about $3. 8 billion, by the year 2028 is expected to exceed 10 billion mark. And the most of the growth comes from the new technology of laser cutting machine to replace the traditional old cutting process, this year to the relevant state departments and industry support for laser cutting market very much. And the fiber laser in the laser cutting equipment market is one of more by the vast number of processors to begrudge, and obvious increase of 2018 fiber laser market, less fiber laser co2 laser is good at cutting thick plate, but fiber laser cutting thin plate has obvious advantages, the maintenance costs of one fiber laser is very low, use convenient, fast, high efficiency and so on. According to the market, according to a study from 2018 Between 2028 and fiber laser industry is expected in the growth of about 5% each year. In large industrial manufacturing enterprise, the automation of laser equipment is top priority. Such as shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive and other industries, laser is the important part of automation, according to an aviation manufacturing company, laser cutting machine is combined with the robot in its manufacturing process, which helps to improve production efficiency, reduce work overtime of time, improve the security. In addition to these, laser cutting machine can also manufacture and repair replacement parts, can reduce the repairing time, with the continuous development of laser cutting machine equipment to cater to various industries, the industry demand for laser cutting machine is bigger and bigger, laser cutting machine for each big has great contribution to the development of industry. With the increasing processing industry's need for laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine market is becoming more and more chaotic, brand clutter, different quality. So the quality requirements of manufacturing for laser cutting machine also in unceasing increase, demand for the production process is also increasing, the production process needs to be production speed, high cost performance, good quality, etc. Now is the development of science and technology era, the market competition is very big, high-tech products to the accuracy requirement of spare parts is very high, laser cutting machine can easily do it. As the ceaseless improvement of laser cutting machine, the entire industry can see significant growth and development, investors can also see the positive benefits of laser cutting. More than that, laser cutting machine also has a great demand in the education industry, now a lot of schools have begun 'manufacturers space as the STEM part of the education program, the development trend of laser cutting machine in continuous growth, an industry experts point out that simple 'manufacturers space' from high school to university training programs such as engineering, art and architecture all need the support of the laser cutting machine, so the education market is one of the biggest buyers of laser cutting machine, and the future will also continue to so, therefore is expected in the field of education will continue to grow.
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