2018 how much is a laser marking machines

by:cycjet     2020-08-20
2018 how much is a laser marking machine? How time flies, time flies, in the miss, we passed a year again, to meet the arrival of the 2018, 2017 is reviewed, and there are many clients often ask the price of laser marking machine, laser marking machine, how much money a this problem believe many demanders is very concern, but we don't hurry to consultation price, first of all, we can first to know about the laser machine equipment inside some of the information content. Shenzhen citizen laser technology co. , LTD. , the production of laser machine has a history of more than 10 years of experience, and also results in many high praise and the fans. Laser marking machine is a need to see how much different kinds of laser marking machine is roughly divided into three parts: 1, the structure of the mechanical structure, photoelectric 2 3, control system, mechanical structure: by the fuselage, working platform, guides the slider, belt, Or screw or gear and rack) A transmission, etc. ; 1, the guide rail slider classification and function: ball linear square rail, roller linear guide rail. Used for straight line reciprocating movement, but in the case of high load to achieve high precision linear motion. Ball linear square rail: slow speed, high precision. Roller linear guide: slide, slide rail. With lower speed and precision. 2, belt: clearance and elastic ambassador slightly lower precision, short service life. Belt drive, smooth transmission. Screw: divided into ordinary screw and ball screw, the ball screw accuracy is higher, the price is more expensive, ordinary screw relative accuracy is low, the price is quite cheap. The application of the screw is to rotary motion through the wire mother into linear motion. Lead screw drive, better rigidity, can transfer bigger torque, position accurately. The advantages and disadvantages of single rod and double screw: monofilament bar: easy installation and maintenance, low cost. But bad stress point design, run easy to produce a torque, which affect the accuracy of machine tool running. Double screw: to reduce or eliminate the influence of negative torque on the machine running accuracy, because the two screw force at the same time, so the single screw under lower load, is conducive to improve the running speed of the machine and service life. Pinion and rack: in some large carving machine application is more, relative to the required precision is not high, but the speed and strength. The second part of the laser marking machine machine is photoelectric parts: by the laser tube, optical reflection lens and focus lens, laser power supply and power distribution cabinet group. 1, laser tube: divided into CO2 glass tube, rf CO2 tube, optical fiber, YAG and semiconductors. CO2 laser tube: the main application and engraving and cutting non-metallic materials. Commonly used hard glass, generally USES the layer of sleeve structure. Discharge tube, is the most inside a layer 2, layer 2 for the water cooled bushing, the trachea storage for the outer layer ( Just now we use glass tube) 。 Rf CO2 tube: the main is also applied to nonmetallic material. Compared with CO2 glass tube service life can reach 40000 hours, and the life of the ordinary glass tube is 3000 hours, spurs tube for 10000 hours. Rf tube light only 0. 07 mm hot area small more fine carving. The glass tube of light is 0. 25MM。 Low power optical fiber, YAG, semiconductor ( For example: 10 w, 20 w, 50 w) Due to their relatively small spot accuracy is higher so often used in laser marking machine. High power optical fiber, YAG ( Such as, 200 w, 400 w, 500 w) Used for metal laser cutting machine. Laser technology co. , LTD. Shenzhen citizens laser machine is not only the pursuit of high quality, also has the appearance of the United States, so that we can bring the beautiful feeling, the mood also be affected, you can call ask us, or come to visit our company in person, communication with us! Laser marking factory house
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