2018 fiber laser cutting machine will show how the new trend?

by:cycjet     2020-08-21
2017 has been to, the new 2018 has already started, in the past year, laser cutting machine in different industries have a deep penetration, and the more traditional processing industry USES, with the application of optical fiber laser cutting machine of more widely. In recent years, the industry has a substantial expansion, competition is more intense, 2018 could see a surge of laser cutting machine. 2018 fiber laser cutting machine will show how the new trend? Please look down. Serious homogeneity in the laser cutting machine industry today, because of the pressure of excess production cost can only reduce the configuration and quality, so use of incomplete when crops to sell, in the stunt of low prices, let the customer buy laser cutting machine in time resembles the actual situation. Actually in the laser equipment market, there is a common phenomenon, is not the cheap brand with good sales, real brand from the quality of service, because the cost is impossible unlimited compression, through cost to improve brand competition is only at the beginning of the brand. Is a core component of laser laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine are decided an important part of the price. A long time, China's imports of high-power laser cutting machine are assembling technology to production, the production of others, and the price is very expensive to supply cycle is long, laser cutting machine prices high. With the rapid development of laser technology in China, at present our country most of low power laser was dominated by domestic manufacturers, the market share of eighty-five percent, the power to this year also had the very big breakthrough, sales for the first time exceeded imports in 2016. With domestic brand of increasingly powerful laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine market in 2018 will be more competitive, but predictably brands, products, and the competition between the enterprises, is not a single price competition, quality, service, value added, the channel, the enterprise development strategy is also a hidden element such as long-term development of enterprise and brand, competition is an important aspect of sustainable development. Price will drop, laser cutting machine 2018 how much down, this depends on domestic laser application can be spread, will gradually replace imported laser. While high power laser on the market pricing power is still in the hands of foreign enterprise is given priority to with interpublic, but has emerged a large number of outstanding domestic laser leading enterprises, break monopoly overseas high power fiber laser.
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