2018 buy used laser marking machine, ok? The fact than buy a new laser marking equipment

by:cycjet     2020-08-19
Buy secondhand laser marking machine, ok? The fact than buy a new laser marking equipment! New Year new atmosphere, with the 2018 New Year, each big industry has formally started into the working state, and in the laser processing, there are a few companies choose to purchase used light marking machine as a factory needs to fill, of course, most of the laser processing enterprises or purchasing a new laser equipment choice, first of all, we must speak to buy secondhand the interests of the optical fiber laser marking machine is cheap, the second is the use of low frequency. So used laser equipment have what problem? Use can buy second-hand laser equipment? Liters laser equipment factory in shenzhen people tell you, is to buy can buy, but do not buy the good, we know that there are two sides to everything. First we say good, cheap, for small machining shop or small business, it must have not enough money, but also to meet the requirements of the product. Used laser equipment better, and is occasionally used, not all products are used, spend more than 10000 or even 20000 to buy a new equipment, it won't pay more. On the other hand, is used laser equipment is also obvious, second-hand is, of course, have been used, of course there will be a loss, tell me about the downside. 1. Loss is the key, if the device looks and use time is shorter, still can choose, but basically see what kind of configuration, performance can meet the demand of your product. But if it is used for a long time used optical fiber laser marking machine, the laser life is already a lot loss, however for optical fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser is a device which is more expensive, took too long to be replaced, then buy, there is no practical value, because the device is broken, its the meaning of the whole machine is no fix. 2. Is dark, this is similar to market of second-hand cars, though it wasn't long before, it might buy is a less known and inferior brand shopping when installed, frequent malfunction, I believe that a lot of customers are like himself spent tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of equipment, suppliers have perfect, quick after-sales service, however the secondary optical fiber laser marking machine after-sales service without the protection of the original factory, and very affect processing progress, lead to often need to repair. Not only that, the use of time is long used optical fiber laser marking machine performance will certainly not before, in such cases, the optical fiber laser marking machine as decoration, after-sales, too, are aiming at. Through the above understanding, we probably learned that used laser equipment to the end is good, if you have more questions, you can consult a laser marking vendors would customer service personnel, to understanding of product after comparing to buy again!
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