11x17 Laser Printer + Have you Considered This?

by:cycjet     2020-09-01
A 11x17 laser printer is also known as a tabloid or wide format laser printer. This 11x17 size page is twice the size of a frequent 8 x 11 sheet of foolscap. With twice the size comes twice the evaluation. Buying an 11x17 laser printer is very similar to purchasing a duplex laser printing service. You want a laser printer with a specific added function, in this case, the ability to print on 11x17 paper. Fortunately news is there are lots of options for an 11x17 laser printer that additionally print on a regular 8 x 11 little bit of paper. No need client two separate printers. But, unlike buying a duplex laser printer, there are wide ranging more factors to consider when buying an 11x17 laser printer.
What will the 11x17 laser printer be useful for?
The specific tasks that the 11x17 laser printer get used for is all round ability to biggest consideration. The question is not as easily answered as 'I wish to print posters'. There are a few different questions buried within just that only. Consideration will will want to be gifted to the following items:
1. What's going to be released? Text, photos, line art, posters, banners, newsletters, brochures, newspaper, magazines, architectural drawings, trade show displays, give up. Depending on what you print and also the quality needed will partially determine a person need an encouraging end 11x17 laser printer with more RAM and higher processor speed.
2. What type of material will be printed around? Copy paper, card stock, glossy, envelopes, stickers, transparencies, numerous. Make sure the 11x17 laser printer purchase can handle the regarding material would like to to print on. Is essential to think about the final display environment for this material, whether it be indoor or outdoor. That will likely make an impact on your material decision.
3. Is color needed for the specific use from the 11x17 laser printer? Do you use color enough to justify the additional cost of color 11x17 laser printer or are you able to take your color end up being an outside vendor?
4. What format will the printed output be delivered? It should be bound, stapled, folded? Is duplex printing a want? Additional features may be needed on a 11x17 laser printer there are several styles the delivery format. For example, even more paper tray may want be dedicated to three hole punch paper for a bound finished product.
Additional consideration will need to be offered to the following questions:
5. How often will 11x17 output be printed? Frequently, occasionally If there will a more frequent require for this form of output, a new 11x17 laser printer may demand to possess a paper tray that is dedicated to 11x17 old fashioned paper.
6. Just how the spending budget? A 11x17 laser printer may cost from $500 - $6,000 depending on a functionality provided. Many are in the $1,000-$3,000 number. But the price the printer is not the only cost contemplation. Larger toner cartridges and paper will have to have be bought for a 11x17 laser printer additionally to the regular 8 x 11 toner cartridges and paper.
It's quite a bit to consider when purchasing a 11x17 laser printer. Stop options to obtain your began on your 11x17 laser printer purchase. HP, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Xerox and Okidata all a few good solid reviews about their 11x17 laser printers.
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